We have bowed to popular demand and responded to feedback and yes… The hypnotherapy practitioner diploma (HPD) in York has gone monthly!

As of next year, the very popular format of the hypnotherapy practitioner diploma will be available in the North of England as well as here in Bournemouth. The course will be run one weekend a month for 10 consecutive months.

My good friend and co-tutor Sophie Nicholls and I cannot wait to get started at our York city centre venue, overlooking the river. For full details of dates, venue, fees and payment options, go grab a copy of the course prospectus and application form from the York Hypnotherapy Diploma Page here on this website.

As a side note… Any of you thousands that read my weekly ezine, or the other thousands that read this blog each day, any of you that appreciate my work and efforts here, if you are a member of the NCH, please use your proxy vote is you are unable to attend the AGM and vote in support of the current committee. Some incredibly onerous individuals are attempting to create problems for the NCH with politics and propaganda. It was the dedication of the current committee and the absence of these hideous ex-officers of the Council and their sock puppets that saw me bring my school to the NCH. I’d love to see their attempts at disruption and deceipt thwarted. If you are in doubt, then give your vote to Donald Robertson, a man committed to developing the future of this field, a man who offers support and knowledge beyond measure and someone I trust implicitly. You can place your proxy vote here: http://www.hypnotherapists.org.uk/agm/

Just a short blog entry today, got a busy day to get on with….