I have seen the hand press hypnosis induction referred to by Jeffrey Stephens and Cal Banyan as the ‘8 Word Induction’ because they use the 8 words of “press on my hand… Close your eyes… Sleep!” in order to carry it out. As well as using those 8 words, I tend to think you need a bunch of other words prior to doing them, in order for it to be most effective, at least, that suits my way of doing things.

It is indeed rapid, very effective, and I use it a great deal when doing demonstrations on my courses or working with people that have been into hypnosis with me before.

Because my hypnosis is done in the therapy room, I tend to frame the processes I employ by explaining what it is going to happen, building expectation, educating the client and suggesting the way things are going to happen, yet leaving it open enough for them to interpret some of their own responses as being correct too.

As with all the inductions I write about here on the blog, I recommend that you have rapport developed, that you are being congruent, communicating confidently and effectively prior to proceeding.

Initially, have the client sat comfortably in the position that indicates they are ready to go into hypnosis. Ideally with their arms and legs uncrossed, feet flat on the floor, head balanced on their shoulders etc. You’ll want to be slightly to one side, as you are going to be touching one of their hands and don’t want to be leaning more of yourself into their personal space than is necessary.

Instruct them to:

“Press on my hand.”

You may want to use more words. You offer your hand, make sure it is above their leg, so when it falls, it lands on their leg and does not fall to their side, unbalancing them. The individual places his/her hand palm down on yours and begins to press down applying pressure. You resist for a while to keep the hand there in that position. You can suggest that they press harder if they do not do so already. Then say…

“Close your eyes.”

I prefer to prefix this with a presupposition along the lines of “when you are ready to go into hypnosis, close your eyes now.” You are still instructing them to close their eyes, but letting them know that by doing so, they are ready to go into hypnosis.

Observe what is happening with them. Wait a few seconds so that you tell that they are getting involved in the process, that they are focusing their attention. You may even want to suggest that they concentrate on their hand and focus on the resistance they are encountering, to be sure of their focus and removing other distractions. You may even notice that you already have some signs of hypnosis being displayed by the individual.

You then rapidly and surely drop your hand and say the immortal word…


Use a firm, confident and assured voice – while being absolutely expectant that the individual is going to follow your instructions to the letter.  Explain that they remain in a good posture that advances the hypnosis.

You then use whatever deepener that you deem pertinent to use to develop the hypnosis.

There has been plenty of induction stuff going on here on the blog in the past couple of weeks, next week we’ll be working our way up to Christmas with some very different themes… That is, as long as the predicted snow does not reach Bournemouth… If it does, I’ll be out sledging again!

Have a fabulous weekend.