Yes indeed, whether you use iTunes apps or Android apps, the single greatest ever hypnosis app ever produced in the history of hypnosis apps (in my totally unbiased opinion) is yours for free!

Let me explain….

I was teaching module of my hypnotherapy diploma course earlier this year and I referred to an article I had written on my blog that was very useful to read for part of the learning. Someone said to me “I wish I had known that article was written” and I replied “well you could subscribe to my blog and get notified, you could follow the links that I share on Facebook or Twitter for that article or even on the Hub” and she quite rightly said “well, not everything on every page I follow on Facebook shows up in my feed, and I do not log in to my blog reader each day, and my Twitter feed gets swamped with accounts that are very prolific, I sometimes miss things….”

I produce and publish a LOT of material. I share a great deal of information, video, audio, podcasts, articles, newsletters, events, CPD, trainings, resources and much more and yet lots of it passes many people by. In particular students of hypnosis, hypnotherapy or self-hypnosis – we offer you so much!

My business partner Keith came up with the solution. Our own free app that anyone can download that updates and informs you of EVERYTHING we publish, broadcast and share. One single app on your phone or tablet that will show you every update we make on any of our outlets – every new video clip, every new article, every new Facebook update, every tweet, every ezine article that goes out each week, every new podcast, a feed to our Hub, every new event we run…. And much more.

Do something really productive today, go and download this. Nearly 1000 people have done so already and it is only just launched. I think you’ll be pleased you did so:

The iTunes version of this hypnosis app can be found here.

The Google Play link for the same freebie hypnosis App for Android phones and mobile devices is here.

You’ll never miss a thing and you’ll be able to continue to develop your knowledge, skills and know about all things hypnosis on the go wherever you are! Go and grab the best hypnosis app ever created. 🙂