I have read much debate about the efficacy and usefulness of ‘forensic’ hypnosis… Especially when used or eliciting eye witness testimony… I mean, the hypnotist involved needs to ensure they are not leading the individual in any way at all and I am guessing the side that brings in the hypnotist is likely to have a slant they want to prove, no?

What’s more, there is no real solid evidence to suggest that the things people say are really being elicited through their own conscious admission or if the hypnosis is actually ensuring that we are getting a pure, unformatted account of events. Let me explain some more…

In recent months, I have been keeping an eye on a case along with some of my professional peers who have been blogging about it too… Convicted Jim Barton in the US has been attempting to get a dismissal of evidence that was elicited with the aid of hypnosis.

This hypnosis article at Local 12 website states:

Former Springboro Lieutenant Jim Barton was convicted in March of 2005 for complicity to involuntery manslaughter and aggravated Burglary. He’s serving a 15 year prison term.

Barton hired two men to break into his home, in 1995, to scare his wife Vickie into moving to a new home in Springboro so he could apply for the job of police chief. She was raped, shot and killed in the process.

Barton argued his lawyers were ineffective because they did not challenge testimony elicited through hypnosis.

However, the article goes on to state that:

The appeals court ruled against Barton because the state provided his lawyers with documents informing them of the hypnosis and because the witness’ statements were not substantially changed by it.
Barton’s current lawyer took the case to the Ohio Supreme Court, which has now ruled against Barton.

It does look as though the prosecution did their homework here and ensured the appeal could not be effective in this instance. Though the case raises some interesting thoughts and as I have blogged about this year and last, there are many US states and other full countries that do not allow forensic hypnosis utilised in this way in court cases anymore.

Sooo…Tonight I am off for my company’s first ever Cristmas party night… Yes indeed, my vast empire of employees, all 4 of us, are going to Poole Quay for drinks and a typically traditional festive curry afterwards, it does not get much better… It is very exciting…

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