So if you are into hypnosis, hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis, modern psychology, the workings of the mind… As well as those of you that like using hypnosis for entertainment (which I do not necessarily advocate) then you may have found a couple of things occur in your life:

1. Those closest to you do not share your enthusiasm for these subjects.

2. Those you come in to contact with the most frequently, do not want to have in depth conversations about these subjects.

3. Outside of courses, seminars and online forums, there are not huge numbers of people to engage with about these subjects.

I am a bit of a hypnosis geek. I am a hypnosis junkie too. I am in the fortunate position that I get to chat about hypnosis and those related subjects often because I teach the subject and I hang out with lots of people who also teach and love the subject.

So my interest was piqued greatly last year when I saw that the very marvellous Anthony Jacquin was doing something called a ‘Geek Dinner’ where he invited anyone interested in the subject of hypnosis to join him and fellow hypnotists and hypnotherapists to meet up for dinner and get to talk all things hypnosis…

Here is the deal then, I am going to have dinner with my friend, magician, professional pickpocket and performance hypnotist James Brown on Thursday February the 3rd in a Bournemouth town centre restaurant. We are going to discuss, debate and argue what we think on the subjects of hypnosis and related topics. We are going to indulge ourselves in our favourite subjects and defend our perspectives whilst remaining mildly flexible to altering our thought processes. We are going to laugh, eat, drink and be merry… And you are invited to come along.

We have a couple of themes lined up, it’ll get racy but never cross the line… I’ll argue from a healthily sceptical perspective, citing evidence and professional therapeutic stances on the use and application of hypnosis… James will attempt to distract you with his performance skills and magicians philosophy, though neither of us is trying to win anything… There’ll be no prizes, just an opportunity to share and discuss and learn from each other whilst sharing some fun and laughter too.

There is also a chance that once the heated discussion ends that some skills will be demonstrated in public places too…

If you fancy joining in the fun and games, then get in touch with me or James and we’ll tell you where to be… We plan on doing this monthly and all you’ll need to pay is the price of whatever you order from the menu, and let us know in plenty of time so that we can book the right number of places at the table… There are sure to be enough spaces…

adam eason dinner