“The first thing I want to say is that this is a brilliant course. I can see why a prerequisite is being a qualified hypnotherapist, as a reasonable level of technique regarding inductions and deepeners was assumed, and it was in fact lovely to see people from such a wide variety of previous trainings all working together with their own hypnotic skills and styles! Adam presented a robust and coherent model of how hypnosis worked both in itself and within/from a cognitive behavioural approach – which was far from merely putting hypnosis and CBT in the same sentence –  it was in fact taking hypnosis back to its roots and building it back up with a firmly evidence based framework. With such a framework in place Adam then showed us how to build a total structure for doing cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy that integrated the rationale  (of how and why hypnosis and a cognitive behavioural approach work together so well,) with ways of assessing clients and then taking us through, and getting us to practise some of the most useful cognitive behavioural interventions within hypnosis. For me there was more. As well as learning a new model, as well as  learning new techniques to use with clients, I found by accident that I had new skills for my own benefit. I spontaneously found myself applying the thought disputation questioning methods to my own anxious thoughts and feelings as I watched the coach for my return journey  drive past without stopping to pick me up! All in all a splendid course that equipped me with a far deeper understanding of how to work with hypnotherapy for the benefit of my clients and that immerses the students in the hypnotic mindset. Thank you, Adam!”