Qualifying with Anglo-European College of Therapeutic Hypnotherapy has been life changing and one of my biggest achievements to date. Adam is an amazing tutor, teacher and human being, who is not only passionate about hypnosis, but he also has a vast depth of knowledge and he adds humour into everything he does, which is sometimes just what you need as a student in order to feel really comfortable and engaged. Adam’s class assistants are also incredible and so supportive.

The course is very well structured, and Adam provided us with a lot of study materials, book recommendations and other resources. The course is demanding, it is not some sort of ‘get quickly and easily qualified’ type of course, but it is worth it. I have gained a lot of knowledge, but also practical skills- the course involved a lot of ‘hands-on’ work and I have been pulled out of my comfort zone o lot, but now I am so grateful for that. The course was eye-opening, and I feel that I have developed on a personal level too.