I really did my research before choosing to train with Adam Eason. Having graduated several years ago, the skills I learned during my time at the college have enabled me to create a thriving practice, standing on my own two feet as a successful hypnotherapist and coach. In addition to learning a remarkably broad skillset and an astute awareness of the evidence base in this field, I found myself personally transformed for the better. People will tell you it’s difficult to make a good living in this industry. In my experience this is down to the quality and depth of training they receive. Students that graduate from this college do so fully equipped to begin practice immediately, and creating a busy, lucrative business is simply a natural progression. I continue to be involved with the Anglo European College and its thriving alumni community. One of the things I hear again and again from newcomers to the college, even veteran hypnotherapists, is their wish they had found it earlier. If you are looking for a comprehensive, rigorous, and thorough training in hypnotherapy that delivers a depth of knowledge, evidence base, and extensive practical skillset that sets you apart from the majority (by miles), nowhere is more highly regarded.