“Adam would be the first to say that hypnotherapy isn’t magic, but the time I spent on his hypnotherapy 2013/14 diploma course was possibly the most magical time in my life.

In addition to having gained my diploma qualification and having a whole new career path open to me, I have had the support of an inspiring group of self-motivated individuals, acquired some amazing skills, and my previous ‘fears, foibles and phobias’ have vanished.

As with most things in life, you get out what you put in, and there is no upper limit on how much study you can do to enhance your knowledge beyond the minimum requirements for the diploma. But the course is also very experiential. If I hadn’t done Adam’s course I may never have known, for example, that I can experience feelings and sensations as colours or shapes that can be manipulated in my imagination to alter the way I feel. Thank you so much Adam!”