“I attended Adam Eason’s Hypnotherapy Diploma Course in Bournemouth. Before investing in such a course it was important for me to find someone who was a true expert in their field and someone who I could learn from. Adam has this unique ability to turn what can at times be a very complicated topic into something that is easily digestible, fun and at times even humorous. It is this rare gift that makes Adam Eason easy to recommend. I also suffered several bereavements during the course and Adam’s caring and personable approach gave me the strength I needed to not only successfully complete the Diploma but pass with flying colours. I can only attribute such results down to Adam and his unrivalled support for his students. However make no illusion the course is tough, and this isn’t some sort of quick course you can do just to earn some money on the side. If you have the determination to work hard then you will pass the course.

I also recommend Adam as a fellow Hypnotherapist and trainer as well. I own several of Adam’s recordings and believe the recordings to not only be professionally put together with soothing background and well thought out music, but also very results orientated as well. I certainly do enjoy listening to them.”