No, no, today I am not writing about a group of us deciding to hypnotise as a team, and I am not writing about me taking on the Nottingham Forest team to ensure our two recent losses do not turn into anymore… Instead, in just a short blog today (I am a busy bee), I thought I’d mention a model that I consider essential in any hypnotherapist/client relationship….

Team Hypnotherapy
Daniel Araoz (1982) introduced the acronym TEAM to describe the features of an effective therapeutic relationship in hypnotherapy.

TEAM stands for Trust, Expectation, Attitudes and Motivation. Some of the most hypnotic attributes anyone can have, even without hypnotherapy!

Trust– the client must trust themselves to respond well to hypnosis and trust the therapist and techniques.

Expectation– The client’s expectations about hypnotherapy must be positive, realistic and constructive. They should understand that hypnosis is a learnable skill and that it is a collaborative effort, not a “quick fix” that someone does to them.

Attitudes– The client must have a positive and optimistic attitude toward hypnotherapy and a collaborative and productive attitude toward treatment.

– Clients must be self-motivated and not undertaking therapy to please someone else or because they feel they have to. Motivation is strongly correlated with success by researchers and Araoz considers it essential.

Nothing more today. 🙂