The weather report said it was going to be a fabulous weekend of sunshine and cool breezes, and it did not disappoint. My wife and I took our children to our beach hut on both days and enjoyed British Summertime at it’s best at the seaside. One of the main reasons I made the decision to move my life and my business to this area was so that I could enjoy these kinds of weekends and I love to make the most of them and want to ensure my children have some of the most wonderful memories of our beach life when they have grown up.

We’ve not had the opportunity to really enjoy any kind of Summer so far here in the UK this year. The weather has been great for a moment or two, but not when we really wanted it and for far too brief spells. So this weekend, we staked out at the beach hut for a couple of glorious days. We get to the beach, open the beach hut, set it up with chairs and parasol at the front, then pitch a windbreak on the beach with the kids toys which will then get scattered far and wide,

The reasons I do love the seaside here in England when the sun shines are as follows:

1. I get to behave like a child again: My children and I have some pretty important jobs to get done each time we get to the beach:

a) Dig a massive hole. We might convert it into a car by using a bucket as a steering wheel and putting little chairs inside it, but usually, it is just a hole that at regular times during the day we need to do some serious maintenance to. We all get upset if someone slides into it instead of jumping in as sliding into it pushes lots of sand back into the hole that we need to get in and dig out. Using children’s spades, this task usually makes Daddy sweat heavily. Here are my kids making full use of our hole as a car, the pink spades were windscreen wipers…..

b) Building a sandcastle. We sometimes do that using some of the wet sand that has been dug up out of our hole. On other occasions, we dig one right at the sea front, because then we are able to let those longer waves come in and fill our castles moat with water for a jubilant two seconds, followed up by groaning as the walls of the castle then fall into the moat too as the water all rushes out again. Either way, we decorate with shells and the moat will become another day-long maintenance task.

c) Playing ball games. My children want to play with the ball. They tend to like kicking it as hard as they can towards or onto other people for me to then politely apologise, retrieve the ball and need to give some stern words to. However, when we manage to get some ball games organised, it involves playing catch (if you drop it you go down on one knee and so on) and it usually lasts for about 2 minutes before boredom has led the kids to prefer doing headstands on the sand and ensuring that bath time will result in the bath tub being full of sand later that evening.

There is no sitting down time outside of lunchtime when we go for a day at the beach together!

2. Loads of fresh air: We all sleep so well after a day at the beach. Outdoors all day, breathing in all that sea air, it is wonderful. On the sea front this weekend, there was a lovely cool breeze coming in from the sea that kept us cool, but also meant that a lot of people at the beach on Sunday were bright red as they had easily misjudged how much the sunshine was cooking them due to the wind’s deception. I saw a couple of people on Sunday that made me wince to look at.

3. Vitamin D: I always plaster myself in high quality sun cream, my fair skin does not enjoy unprotected expensive one bit, but once I have my hat on, I love being in the sunshine. The sunshine is good for your immune system and of course there are a number of health benefits, but it does tend to be good for the soul too. That is, for me, spirits get raised in a number of ways that simply cannot happen when the sunshine is absent.

4. Ice Cream: Right opposite our beach hut is a Purbeck Ice Cream stand. They are a local ice cream maker here in Dorset, and I believe they are the best ice cream makers around, oh and their salted caramel flavour is to do die for. I had two scoops on Saturday and was not quick enough to eat it; it was melting and rolling down my hands and arms after less than 10 metres walk in the sun! Being at the beach always makes ice cream seem like the right thing to do.

The only time we might buy our ice cream from someone else at the beach is when the ice cream boat motors into town. Oh yes, the ice cream boat playing the Benny Hill theme tune drives up to our part of the beach and once the kids have stopped dancing like lunatics to the music, they start wanting some of the same as all the others now walking up along the beach with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavours dripping from their chins and noses.

5. Going in the sea: My children have just got to the stage of wanting to bodyboard, which I am delighted about. They love the sea and at this time of year, the water is warm and lovely. We splash around and paddle, the kids sort of surf (they have not quite got it nailed it, but they are learning) and they run and splash, and at times, they look like they are going to wade or swim too far out wanting to be nearer the big kids, and so my wife and I scream at them and fetch them back. Here’s my son….

I love standing in the cool sea water chatting to my wife, basking in the sunshine as we watch our children running around. We usually have to get them to come away from the water when their lips turn blue, they are shivering, but refusing to acknowledge the signs that they are cold for themselves, and we’ll walk them back to the beach hut while it is their turn to then scream frantically while fellow beach lovers look upon us as if they pity us, think we are torturing the children, or just plain laugh, probably due to having gone through similar things themselves. Here’s my daughter (and yes, that is a pink Disney Princess body board, she would have nothing else!)…

6. Smiley Happy People: The beach is a happy place for most. When the sun is shining and the beaches fill up as they do here on these kinds of weekends, people are happy. There is laughing, playing games, relaxing, abandoning of cares as the 9-5 seems a million miles away. After we’d had dinner at one of the beach restaurants last night, we walked back to head home and there were still hundreds and hundreds of people relaxing, laying out, smiling and just enjoying being alive in that moment. It feels good to be around that sort of environment. Here are my kids with their cousins, my son had been asked to sit down for a quick photo…..

That’s today’s blog article…. I know, I know, it’s nothing to do with hypnosis, and yes I know, I know, it’s what everyone does at the seaside…. But isn’t it wonderful? I just wanted to celebrate it. There are a lot of reasons to feel fear, concern, anxiety or worry if you watch too much news at the moment, so go and celebrate the simple stuff, like the sunshine, or going to the seaside….

Will be back soon.