Every once in a while I pick up some stories in the media that crack me up, just the way they are told, the subject matter and the manner in which they portray hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Today is one of those occasions… I had to point out these two in-depth, high-brow pieces of hypnotherapy news… Firstly, this hypnotherapy article in the Mirror online tells that police cops are to be offered hypnotherapy to reduce weight slim down if they wish to be promoted, the article states:

Overweight cops have been warned they stand no chance of being promoted unless they slim down.

Officers will be given an ID card with their target weight and offered yoga and hypnotherapy to help shed the pounds.

A spokesman for the police force in Nepal said: “When policemen are fat, they appear useless and people don’t trust them.”

That spokesman sure pulls no punches, tell it how it is Nepalese Spokesman!

The second story to hit the news today is one all about a young man who accidentally threw away a winning ticket that was worth £500,000. Whoops! However, he has used something special to help him trace that ticket… This hypnotherapy article in the Sun states:

GUTTED student Richard Newman chucked away £500,000 – by binning a winning ticket for a McDonald’s competition.

Richard, 35, and girlfriend Chloe Gray had called in at the fast food drive-thru the morning after a boozy night to pick up cheeseburgers and French fries.

One fries carton had a “Mayfair” sticker from the McDonald’s Easy Win Monopoly game. But the pair knew nothing about the contest – so Chloe plastered the sticker on the wheel.

And a few days later Richard decided to clean his Toyota Corolla, binning the ticket.

The couple realised the mistake two weeks later when Richard went to McDonald’s again – and got a Park Lane sticker.

Chloe looked on the internet and found with BOTH properties, they would scoop £500,000. But by this time the Mayfair sticker was lost forever.

Richard, of Sheffield, South Yorks, said: “When I cleaned out the car, I peeled the sticker off and threw it in the wheelie bin and thought nothing more about it.

“It was just a little bit of paper, but if I’d been playing the game I’d have known I’d hit gold.”

Here’s the important bit…

Philosophy PhD student Richard even had hypnotherapy to try to find the ticket he threw away over the Easter Bank Holiday.

Chloe, 27, insisted: “We’ve got over the ‘what-ifs’ now. But it was awful at the time.”

McDonald’s said: “We sympathise but without the winning sticker we are unable to help.”

Alas, the hypnotherapy could not help him…

So there you go… Some top exposure for my favourite subjects of hypnosis and hypnotherapy… Much more of this and we’ll be majorly embedded in the mainstream NHS before we know it.

More tomorrow… 🙂