Well, I like to point out the stars using hypnosis and hypnotherapy to help aid their lives and careers… It is always good promotion for my beloved subject.

Following her previous weekes performances, Jo Wood has been using hypnotherapy to help her overcome her nervousness of performing. This hypnosis article in the Mirror states:

Jittery Jo Wood is bidding to overcome her Strictly Come Dancing nerves – by having hypnosis.

The former wife of rocker Ronnie had a session yesterday in a desperate attempt to build her confidence.

She is due to step out on the dancefloor with partner Brendan Cole again tonight.

A source said: “Jo and Brendan are doing the paso doble and he wants more aggression in the dance. But Jo is finding it hard to be feisty and even if the hypnosis session cures her nerves, it won’t change her style.

“Only large amounts of practice will help that.”

You can find similar articles all over the internet… This hypnosis article at the Telegraph tells the same story in broadsheet style.

Jo has even been announcing her work on her nerves on her twitter page by all accounts.

I shall be continuing to root for Jo in coming weeks, especially now that she is championing hypnosis and hypnotherapy!

By the way, any regular watchers of the TV show… Is it just me or does the resident Dave Arch band just slay and demolish all your favourite songs from throughout history? I mean, they use songs by Kings of Leon and the likes, convert them into sounding like they are being pumped out of a wine-bar or hotel lobby, and make them suitable for someone to ballroom dance to!

Come Dave Arch and your band, please stop ruining every favourite song of mine… 🙂