I shall be recording a film clip today and a couple of others during the upcoming weekend, so do look out for them… As I have a diploma course to run this weekend, I wanted to highlight a particular hypnosis phenomenon today; a 4-year-old hypnotist… Yes, you read it right; a 4-year-old hypnotist… Let me tell you some more…

Maybe you are thinking, how does he get rapport? How does he command his hypnotic subjects masterfully? I had a couple of people ask me those questions… I think when other basics are right with hypnosis, it is easy to actually induce the state. Doing other things when they are in that state is the tough stuff… Especially for therapeutic gain.

However, I love this hypnosis story and am certain through sheer charm and youthfulness, he is a wonderful young, budding hypnotist:

Hypnosis has been used to help people get over fears or addictions — plus it has given many of us a good laugh at others’ expense.

It is bad enough when an adult makes you do silly things, so how would you feel if it was a four-year-old boy?

Nathan Upfold is a third-generation hypnotist. His grandfather and his father have been hypnotising people for years.

So far Nathan has just worked on the entertainment side of things.

Nathan, his grandfather Dave and dad Wesley are ‘Two and a Half Hypnotists’.

Nathan is a busy young man. There is kindergarten, playing and hanging with his mates. Then when dad picks him up at 12pm he needs to dash home so he can eat, then finally it is showtime.

You may think Dave and Wesley are mad to teach a four-year-old how to hypnotise. It certainly looks like he knows what he is doing.

Nathan’s family are in total control because they know that hypnosis can be, well, dodgy in the wrong hands.

However, to be hypnotised you have to be willing.

Mr Upfold has given a lot back. For the last six years he has helped generate over $1 million a year for charities and fundraisers. He could perform 50 shows a year and take all the profit. Instead he does 150 and takes a standard fee, then the rest goes to whoever has hired him.

Have a fabulous weekend, I’ll be back with some video footage soon…