Last week for a joke, I mentioned at facebook that I was considering using some Pavlovian style conditioning with our cat, as he always seems to get the upper hand psychologically in our home! I got so many funny messages, emails and requests, that I have decided to show you who he is…

Last year, in the news here in England, BBC1’s Inside Out TV show, demonstrated how easily a cat could get a certificate to be a hypnotherapist (I wrote about it in depth here on the blog) but the cat did not actually demonstrate many skills. Our cat manages to do many things and is seemingly hypnotic in his persuasion and influence skills.

Here he is, looking handsome, and obviously very happy to be photographed:

He does like to try and lie down in any spot he possibly can find… Like in the log basket for example (and yes that is a ribbon on our Laura Ashely log basket – that’s my wife for you):

Now then, every now and then, he wants my attention… So if I don’t give him it, he goes out of his cat flap at one side of the house, trots around the car port, past our garage, through the back garden and comes to the other side of the house and sits by the door in the conservatory, knowing he is in full view, expecting to be let in…

So there you have it… That is Spooky, our hypnotic cat… From all your emails, it would appear that many cats have the same abilities!