Yes indeed, on American Idol, finalist contestant Kristy Lee, was told by Simon Cowell that she needed hypnosis to get better at singing. Maybe it could also help her stop making the world’s greatest double entendres too!

This is hilarious…

Let me quote the US National Ledger:

Kristy Lee had just finished her performance of “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” by the Beatles and she was getting her critique from the judges.  Randy thought it was a little bit boring and he called it just a little bit too safe.  Paula agreed with Randy (As she always does).

Simon told her that she was better this week than last but he thought that she needed hypnosis to make her performance better.  Her answer was priceless, she told Simon, “I can blow you out of your socks and you know it.”

Hahahaha. Apparently there was much embarassment in the studio… and has really made me laugh at the end of this shorter than usual week as ready for Easter…

However, if you really wanted to use hypnotherapy to get some actual socks being blown off then Ed Byrne is the man to read about in this hypnotic article in the daily Telegraph:

Ed Byrne, a 40-year-old martial arts master, chopped through 55 granite and concrete edging stones in 4.86 seconds using only the power unleashed by the palm of his hand.

The ninth dan black belt shattered the previous record of 17.49 seconds.

He said: “I used to break things when I was a kid for fun with my friends and I would break things easily whereas my friends wouldn’t.

“People think it’s a lot easier to break blocks than it actually is — I make it look easy.

“I have hypnotherapy and picture breaking the slabs. I also feed off the energy of the crowd.”

For his next challenge, the muscle-bound karate king hopes to break more blocks in one stack than ever before with a single strike.

Blimey! Great to see hypnotherapy being used for some hardcore physical advancement! I would not want to have a dead arm competition with Ed….

So there you go, if hypnosis is going to help Kristy Lee sing better and helps Ed Byrne smash ridiculous numbers of concrete slabs, then it can surely help us all to ensure that we take it easy on the chocolate eggs and hot cross buns this bank holiday weekend!

Have a wonderful time this Easter… I’ll be back next week… Blowing socks off!  😉