Good afternoon… So I was in New York for 5 days, had a day at home and then flew to Manchester for a self-hypnosis seminar, my students are sending in their current homework, tonight we have a webinar, I have a hypnotherapy peer support group tomorrow night which is packed out, podcast episodes to record, points to argue over at Facebook following the radio show on NLP yesterday and while it snows outside, I am struggling to find the time to blog in my usual depth today… So it’ll get done tomorrow in far better fashion than this short ditty here today.

However, I shall just let you know about one of the things that gets on my nerves more than a little bit… it is receiving emails, often unsolicited (in as much as I have not signed up to receive them) from people attempting to sell me classes and workshops… Worse than this though… people trying to sell me workshops on having a thriving busy hypnotherapy practice when they have not got one themselves!

I just can’t stand someone attempting to tell others how to do something that they clearly are not doing well themselves… Particularly when it is something like marketing your therapy business.

So, this gives me an ample opportunity to plug my own thing here:

Platinum Business Membership here at this website.

It is desgined and created by my colleagues here and I, to help therapists get a good quality online business developed. We do not offer up theory, we offer up real-life processes that we employ that have helped us to have the busiest hypnotherapist website in the UK (according to official Alexa figures).

If nothing else, just go and grab the free report on the above page.

So I am attempting to sell you something you may not necessarily currently want… But I am not spamming you with it and I think we deliver it from a position of congruence and strength because we are actually doing the things we claim to be able to help you do!

*Wipes froth from mouth, goes about business*

I’ll be back writing about stuff tomorrow instead of trying to sell stuff 🙂