So the kids are about to go back to school and the TV adverts are all adverts about uniforms and pencil cases and so on…Some of the leaves on our fruit trees are daring to turn a brownish yellowy colour… The TV guide shows that all the big shows are due back on our screens in the coming weeks… It is that exciting time of year when change happens!

I decided that as it is September tomorrow, I’d get myself some box-fresh, shiny white DC trainers to wear… People have been blinded in the corridors here:

During the Bank holiday weekend, I went with my niece and nephew to Farmer Palmers and loved it so much, I decided to buy myself a tractor and here is a picture of me driving it to work this morning:

So yes, a time of new beginnings in many ways… My intensive hypnotherapy diploma course completes in September and I ready myself for the new monthly hypnotherapy diploma intake that starts soon too… We have plans afoot with the members area here with lots of webinars planned, we have the local GHR hypnotherapist peer supervision group here in Bournemouth next week and all kinds of other things that are really exciting me as we look forward.

It is the end of Summer, the beginning of all the cool stuff that can happen and I am looking forward to hearing about all your cool stuff whilst sharing plenty of it myself too.

Ok, back blogging in earnest tomorrow, am feeling a tad rusty after the extended weekend so just breaking myself in gradually this week.