I mentioned it in my previous post, and several of you asked me to share them here as I’d previously only shared them on the Facebook group for the convention…. Yes indeed, I took my selfie stick and  the best 360 camera you can get online and took a bunch of selfies and panoramics at the UK Hypnosis convention last weekend. Here are some of my favorites….

Me and Bob Burns in the dining hall just before everyone was asked to come on in, he had just shown me a very cool trick that saw me come away in profit – Bob allowed me to keep the invisible fifty pence I won….

Here I am with the Trance Lady, Joanna Cameron… This woman has more energy and enthusiasm than anyone else I have ever met! Adam_Eason_Joanna_Cameron
Earlier in the day, at a more sober moment, I managed to grab one with Melissa Tiers…. Yes, I am wearing a purple bow tie….

This is the A-Team hypnosis possé… I am with my main man Steve Baxter, Kathy Fuller, Deborah Sims, Lindsay Shepherd, Lucy Hyde and Claire John was still at the bar trying to track down more Prosecco, we managed to get the back of her head in this one…

This one is with the mercurial Melissa Tiers, fellow presenter Colin FIsher  (fresh out of the spray tan booth), and with the big grin in the background; the very lovely Angelo Deponeo, sadly this picture just does not capture the magnificence of the shirt he was wearing that night.

Here I am with Louisa Ebdon, Ashley bailey and Sam Carrington… Who worked tirelessly behind the scenes, and always had a smile for everyone they encountered, would not have been the same without them greeting everyone at the desk for the entire convention.

This one makes me smile greatly… I am with Inky, who runs a prominent hypnotherapy training school in Iceland, and we are with Jon (awesome hypnotist, wonderful magician, as seen on Iceland’s Got Talent TV show!) and his wife Regina (the foremost expert on the stories and history of the Elves in Iceland, who showcases the beauty of the country incredibly well) – these guys really looked after me when I was teaching in Iceland earlier this year.

Here, I’m with Bob Burns and his wife… He was very happy to be in this photo… And we are with presenter and hypnosis trainer Karl Smith and his partner Charlene.

Had so much fun with these guys at the weekend. Gary Turner on the left, Anthony Jacquin on the right, with Freddy Jacquin joining me in the middle and my good friends Lucy Hyde and Deborah Sims….

Here are a couple I took during pre-dinner drinks on the Saturday night….

You can pick a couple of well known hypnosis faces out from the crowd….

And yes, it is essential to point your finger at the camera every time you pose for a selfie…. I know I already added this one in my previous post, but I love these guys, my friends, my colleagues and our table at dinner….

I included a couple of others in my previous post, and I am certain there’ll be many more from next year’s UK Hypnosis Convention, which is already being organised!!

Nothing more today, just selfie stuff…. I’ll be back on the hypnosis blog very soon folks.