Now I am not sure if I have mentioned this before… I wrote a bestselling book on self-hypnosis and it is my belief that the self-hypnosis process and state development — when done properly — can have some simply amazing and often seemingly miraculous effects upon your life. You’d expect me to say though, wouldn’t you?

However, sometimes, even the most rudimentary self-hypnosis skills can also have very powerful effects.

Let me explain and illustrate….

Today, I was reading this hypnosis article at Public Opinion website in the US. The article reports on the changing fortunes of female softball player Megan Eichelberger… he suffered an injury playing the game nd as a result, her performance was impaired due to the injury and the psychological associations and fears that came with it.

However, she then had some hypnotherapy and her fortunes were transformed into massive success. Here is a snippet of the article:

“I would sit in chair, take my shoes off and put headphones on. I would go into an almost unconscious sleep. Then I would speak into a microphone through my subconscious mind about how I remembered it and how I wanted to remember it,” she said. Then she would listen to the tape while falling asleep that night.

Now then, this is a very simple self-hypnosis methodology… Imagine if she had ued a more advanced method? The results could have been even better. The article continues:

The results are undebateable. In 63 innings this year, Eichelberger has issued just 20 walks while striking out 100, and continues to wear the mask. The 5-5 Spartans have not been at .500 this late in the season since 2003.

“I think I’m getting better,” Eichelberger said. “I’m not really scared to get hit anymore. I know if anything hits me the mask will protect me. My teammates really helped me through it. Even when I was struggling they were there for me.”

Last week, Eichelberger had 30 strikeouts and just two walks while allowing just three earned runs in 21 innings to lead McConnellsburg to wins over St. Maria Goretti and Northern Bedford. She also batted 5-for-10 with four RBIs, including a walk-off RBI single in the bottom of the eighth inning to beat Northern Bedford 2-1.

Now, Eichelberger has opposing hitters under her spell.

I love it. She used hypnosis to overcome the odds, advance her performance, let go of fear and did it all by relaxing in a chair and feeding suggestions directly into her mind via a microphone! Fabulous.

Now, if you want the full range of self-hypnosis skills and development, get on my website, get the masterclass, or my book or get yourself on one of my weekend seminars — the results are there for all to see… Failing that, go buy a microphone and a comfy chair… 😉