I am crazy busy today with all kinds of media work, so I am going to be brief… All my peers have been writing about her… She is all over the internet… This is a fabulous woman and and even more fabulous advertisement for self-hypnosis…

I am referring to a Cambridgeshire pensioner who went under the surgeon’s knife using self-hypnosis as her only pain relief… And has insisted she is not brave!

Bernadine Coady, who is 67 years old, underwent a one-hour knee operation at the private Orthopaedics and Spine Specialist Hospital, in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

She allowed television crews to film the surgery, performed by Ahmed Shair. You can have a look at the BBCs coverage here. I am delighted that the BBC have showcased hypnosis so much this year…

Afterwards, in an interview with the BBC, she described the procedure as “absolutely wonderful” and said she only felt “tugging and pulling”. Hahahaha, I love it, she is such a determined woman.

“It wasn’t painful,” she said. “I just feel the tugging.” Brilliant…

I love the way that she added: “It’s not bravery. Anyone can do it if you could just train your mind. It’s all in there.”

This is great, isn’t it? She is a shining illustration of what I talk about constantly — when you learn how to use your brain effectively, you can do so much more than you realise!

A hospital spokeswoman said the exploratory operation, aimed at curing Ms Coady’s knee pain, was the third time she had been under the surgeon’s knife without painkillers.

“The first two were for foot problems,” she said.

“She has known Mr Shair for a long time and she came with the express wish that she wanted to be operated on using self hypnosis. She has gone home looking very happy so I presume it was a success.”

The spokeswoman added: “Ms Coady is the only patient we’ve operated on in this way. If anyone else wanted to come along and have the procedure we would look at it on an individual basis.”

I reckon everyone has to learn self-hypnosis.