So it is Friday and I have a full-on leisurely weekend with friends and family on the cards and as I prepare accordingly, it is a lighter than usual hypnosis blog entry… We are back on the celebrity trail, hollywood style… Which celebrity is benefiting from using hypnotherapy and hypnosis this week?

Yes indeed, this is a picture of Hollywood in Lego! Well it made me laugh...

Yes indeed, this is a picture of Hollywood in Lego! Well it made me laugh...

In this hypnosis article at, entitled Hypnotist ends Bello’s nicotine addiction, it states:

The health-conscious Coyote Ugly star is convinced she has finally kicked the bad habit after she was lulled under a hypnotherapist’s spell at the weekend (22Nov09).

And Bello has given up trying to demystify the new age treatment – because she’s stunned how quickly she’s snapped out of her addiction.

She explains, “I quit for a year, started again for a month, and then… I went to a hypnotist – and now I’m not smoking. It’s my one horrible addiction.

“You can’t believe it’s working because you think, ‘This is ridiculous, it’s not going to work…’ And then it works.”

Now with it being Friday, I shall not burst a blood vessel over them referring to hypnosis and hypnotherapy as a ‘new age treatment’ in need of ‘demistifying’!! Have they not been reading my blog abd seeing the huge amount of empirical evidence being served up? New age? I do not own enough tie-dye clothing to be considered properly part of the new-age movement.

So whilst I am delighted that hypnotherapy is getting some wonderful press on the back of celebrity, I should also know better than to expect anything other than cliché and incorrect references from a celeb gossip website, should I?

Ok, I am off to the football this weekend, it is FA cup time and I shall be sitting in the home end to watch Bournemouth take on Notts County, beer and curry with friends and hosting lots of family for the day on Sunday, have a marvellous weekend, I’ll be back Monday.