Prior to running through this self-hypnosis process in full, I recommend that you read yesterday’s article first and implement as many of those strategies as possible into your life and daily regimen, you can read it here: Persistence: 9 Ways to be More Persistent.

Then, the following self-hypnosis process practiced regularly is going to advance your persistence massively and make you a highly persistent person who goes on to achieve more of those important life goals. Follow these steps….

Prior to starting, complete a little bit of preparation:

Ultimately, we want you to begin the self-hypnosis process with a goal or a desired outcome in mind. A goal that you believe you would like to have more persistence with. However, we are going to arrive at that goal by examining two important components; your sense of purpose and your passion.

Initially, get a sense of your own purpose, with a sense of purpose your life is more meaningful, and you’ll also find it a lot easier to build momentum in your life if it is fuelled with a foundation of purpose. Start to think about what you have always wanted to do, what you are passionate about and what gets you feeling driven and energised.

What kind of vision do you have about how you’d like your life to be? Ask yourself; what am I passionate about? What pushes my buttons or turns me on?

When you start to come up with ideas, ask yourself that important question too: What does it do for me? Regardless of how unusual the answer to this may be, really take note of it and ask yourself “What does that do for me?” Keep on asking that question, “and what does that do for me?” until you cannot ask it anymore. What you are doing is asking what the passion and burning desire is behind it and you get more and more significant answers as you keep asking the question. When you get to the stage where you can’t ask the question any further, you have discovered the purpose behind your passion.

Once you have a really good sense of purpose and passion about yourself, then think of a particular goal or desired outcome that has purpose and passion for you, that you would like to have more persistence to achieve. Keep that in mind and proceed onto the following step-be-step process.

Step One: Induce Hypnosis.
You can do so by any means you desire or know of. You can use the process in my Science of self-hypnosis book, use the free audio we give away on this website to practice or have a look at the following articles as and when you need them; they are basic processes to help you simply open the door of your mind:

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Hand to Face Self-Hypnosis Induction
Using Magnetic Hands for Self-Hypnosis
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Once you have induced hypnosis, move on to step two.

Step Two: Deepen Hypnosis and Set the Scene.
See yourself taking the steps required to achieve your goal. See where you are, hear the sounds and every sight and sound serves to take you deeper into hypnosis.

Let all the sights and the creation of this positive imagined scene take you deeper into hypnosis. When you have created this imagined scene and deepen your experience of hypnosis, move on to the next step.

Step Three: Build Inner Confidence and Belief.
Start to view yourself in a very particular way. That is, as you watch yourself taking the steps required to achieve that goal, think to yourself “I just know that is going to happen” and say it to yourself in a way that is undeniably convincing. Just know that you are capable of achieving that goal and taking the steps required to do so.

Make this your truth: know that you won’t give up, no matter the odds against you. Repeat this to yourself over and over until you can really feel the assuredness deep within you.

When you know that to be your truth, it enhances your confidence level and quickly builds upon itself. Spend some time letting your belief build and your inner confidence growing and when it is noticeably raised, move on to the next step.

Step Four: Commit to Lifelong Learning, Creation of a Culture of Adapting and Adjusting.
As you watch the successful outcome of your goal through the lens of confidence and self-belief, also recognise and realise that any goal worth reaching may take time, effort and continuously learning new skills and thinking patterns. Now start to look deeper into this version of you that is achieving this goal – see inside of this version of you, see the mindset and attitude now……

As you observe and explore the deeper attitude and mindset, notice what new skills had to be learned, what changes had to be made, what new ideas were welcomed and how was any new learning incorporated into your life in order to develop and achieve this desired outcome?

Recognise in yourself that you are open to change, open to learning and developing and adopt a mindset of humility. Recognise the commitment to ongoing, lifelong learning and how it manifests itself in this version of you.

Notice that in order to achieve this outcome, you did not stubbornly persist in the face of evidence that the plan was not working, rather you sought out better ways that increased your chances of success. Notice how your journey here was a series of dead ends, detours and adjustments and throughout it you had complete faith you would reach your final destination. You admitted when something was not working, you were quick to adapt the ideas of others that have been shown to work well.

You sought and applied solutions. Recognise all this in yourself and spend enough time to see this. When you have done that, move on to the next step.

Step Five: Learning from and Overcoming Setbacks.
Now look even deeper inside this version of yourself, and recognise how you dealt with any perceived failures or set-backs. Notice that you have developed the ability to learn and move on. A wide variety of set-backs may or may not have occurred along the way and you recognise that some were and are unavoidable, but you carried on, you continued working on positive progress while improving upon previous setbacks. As you look deep inside, see how quitting was not an option for you while achieving this outcome and how you engaged in positive, relentless forward motion.

Once you have recognised that in yourself, then move on to the next step.

Step Six: Time To Wear It, and Implement It.
Now step into the shoes of that version of you with all those persistence-inducing ingredients. See through those eyes, hear through those ears, feel with that heart, feel with that gut. Adopt the mindset, take on the attitude, become this version of you in every way.

If persistence was a colour, what colour is it for you? If persistence had a sound, what sound is it for you? If persistence was a sensation or feeling, how does it feel? Imagine that colour spreading through your body, hear that sound resonating throughout you, feel that sensation and feeling flowing through you; you become the absolute embodiment of someone whose persistence is growing and developing and you are going to dedicate yourself to this outcome.

You just know and can feel that you are going to see this through and that sentiment echoes deeply throughout you. Repeat the following to yourself over and over until you know it to be your truth:

“I see this through to the end.”
“I achieve this goal.”
“I have all the persistence and will-power I need to do this.”

Start to think about the action steps that are now required for you to achieve this goal, start to imagine yourself taking those steps while repeating the above words. Once these words feel like your truth, you can move on to the final step.

Step Seven: Exit Hypnosis.
If you use my own protocol as shown in my science of self-hypnosis book, count yourself up and out from one through to five. Otherwise, open your eyes, wiggle your toes and get oriented to the place you are in.

Practice this process a few times to be thorough. Then start implementing your plan of action and go achoieve those goals, duly full of the persistence required to achieve them.

There you have it…. Go be persistent, and enjoy!

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