I sat watching with anticipatory glee last night… As an Englishman, I wanted the English side to win… Yes indeed, I wanted Manchester United to beat Barcelona and claim their place in history by winning the competition two years in a row and also truly mark the English football Premier League as the best in the world… I mean 3 out of the 4 teams in the semi-finals were English…

But to no avail… To quote one of the fans interviewed after the game, “They (Manchester United) did not turn up.” It is true, none of the breathtaking football that they have dazzled us with this season was on display. They were lacklustre and no match for Barca on the night. Shame.

Perhaps they could have done with some of what the Pakistan national cricket team are getting?

You know what it is don’t you? Let me tell you….

The Pakistan cricket team have featured in the news for cricket and non-cricket related issues over recent times. On this occasion though, they are turning to hypnosis to enhance their cricket skills. Which is exciting for me, as I am going to the Twenty20 World Cup in June!

In this hypnosis article at Cricket365 website, new team psychologist Maqbool “Max” Babri, who is also a hypnotist, states:

“I took them into a deep hypnotic trance, using a fractional relaxation technique, along with deep breathing and positive creative visualisation.”

Hmmm… A bit of a staple of the beginner hypnotist, nonetheless, he goes on to add….

“Creating a sanctuary for them to recognize that they are the world’s best at what they do and emerge out of this having faith in their abilities, while strengthening their resolve to create new benchmarks for success and happiness for themselves and their families.

“As a hypnotist I helped them let go of any negative past experiences and utterances of parents, and other powerful people which were in a negative light. Forgive others and self and not carry any burdens from the past or fears about the future. To remain in here and now play each ball, over, innings and match as if this was the only match that there is. Doing whatever can be done in here and now.”

I am delighted to hear of this and shall be watching the fortunes and performances of the Pakistan team in the tournament in June.

Though a bit perturbed to read that he was just around to offer his services while they are at home, he is not travelling with the team to help them while they are in the tournament. A shame, I think… However, Babri does go on to say:

“I am happy to report that each one of them went into a fabulous and deep hypnotic trance, they have now been programmed to bring the trophy home.

“They feel that their great tensions, worries and even body stiffness is now gone. It is a happy and confident bunch of raw talent and they will create some great records and performances.”

Great to hear, I hope they beat everyone except England in the tournament… And if the England team need some of this too, you know where I am. Have a great day.