This weekend was a rare one for me… Next weekend I am in New York, the following weekend I am running a packed out seminar in Manchester, the weekend after that I have my hypnotherapy training diploma course here in Bournemouth and then Christmas will be on our doorstep…

So this weekend, I indulged myself in all my favourite things.

On Saturday morning, I put on my trail running trainers, filled up my camelbak back pack, and drove to the National Trust’s very own Shell Bay in Poole… From there I ran two miles along the beach along Studland bay, part of which is a naturist beach:

(I did not see any naturists, I am guessing due to the chill in the sea air!)

Then it was up into the countrside and green fields along the sea front… Up some staggeringly steep hills (my legs are still suffering today) and uneven surfaces keeping my ankles aware that they were working out.

I ran over and past Old Harry Rocks, which are just beautiful to be alongside whilst communing with nature in the morning:

On my run, I encountered such a variety of birds, deer, rabbits, sheep, cows and many people horseriding… It was a joy.

Once past the spectacle of Harry Rocks, I clung to the cliff edge, with some beautiful views until about 6 miles in, I was on the edge of Swanage, which is a beautiful small town. Here is my view:

And here is the view with me ruining it:

If you are wondering what all those wires and tubes are… The tube is the water pipe for me to drink out of my Camelbak and the wires are my headphones… I like to ruin the sound of nature with very loud music while running…

I ran down the hills, along the sea front at Swanage, through the town and up the other side to a place called Durlston… Here is the view of Swanage from the other side:

That afternoon, my feet were up and I watched the England Rugby team beat Australia during the best England performance for a number of years. Mrs Eason cooked some tremendously delicious fare and with other great company, we had drinks and joviality until the TV Box Office event of David Haye and Audley Harrison boxing for the world heavyweight title… Not the best of boxing matches, but we got into it and discussed many a subject.

Having spent time in my garden briefly on Sunday morning, clearing the leaves and such likes (yes! I have a lawn again!) Katie and I went to the beautiful and grand venue of Chewton Glen for afternoon tea:

And yes, as well as more cucumber sandwiches (and salmon, ham, cheese etc) than you could shake a stick at… We ate scones, pralines, pastries, eclairs, fruit, cup cakes and washed it down with Earl Grey… Marvellous.

We snuggled down for the evening on Sunday and watched trash reality TV.

There is much to be said for how I feel this morning as a result of such a thoroughly enjoyable weekend. Revitalised, refreshed and renewed… Happy and spirited and ready for any challenges that life throws at me.

Sometimes, life is good, eh?

May well write about hypnosis or hypnotherapy tomorrow… Who knows… đŸ˜‰