Maybe it is because of the pill-popping medical model that exists in our culture, that people tend to want the simplest solutions, with the least amount of effort needed to be taken in order to get well.

Lots of people that arrive in my consulting rooms often think the same at first… That hypnosis is somethng whereby the hypnotherapist is going to wave some kind of magic wand and zap away their issues… Or that they are going to be rendered unconscious in some hypnotic stupor and then awaken from the trance and exclaim “hallelujah!” as they have made some immediate change for life.

Those that have spent a lifetime popping pills to get better, perhaps would have done well to take preventative measures in their life to avoid as much illness as possible. Though I guess that may have involved too much effort.

Good quality hypnotherapy, especially those of us with a cognitive behavioural inclination, involves clients having to practice coping skills, mental techniques and strategies and maybe even a project or two at home in between sessions… Uh-oh, our tablet popping people, desirous of the hypnotic magic wand don’t like that, sometimes however much evidence they are presented with and however much education they have to suggest it is the best way to get lasting results… Surely they are paying the hypnotherapists fees for the therapist to make the effort, no?

It is this notion that I am referring to in today’s blog title.

Non-effort, corner cutting annoyances is my label for all those people who spam my blog with the most lame comments in an attempt to get a link going back to their website.

Each morning when I log in to post my own blog, I have to delete and move several comments where people have written things like:

“Wow, great blog, I must add this to my bookmarks” or

“This is some great information, thanks”

And then I get the guys from other hypnosis sites who say things like:

“Yes, hypnosis can help do many great things in your life” or other imaginative beauties like, “I like hypnosis because it helped me do XYZ” in response to a blog entry about hypnosis legal issues or a regression debate, the comments are not only irrelevant, they are the comments of someone quite happy to make themselves look stupid.

Then they link their name – usually something like ‘free viagra’ or ‘hypnotherapist’ or something along those lines because they think that the relevant words will make their link look good or be valuable in google or something like that.

I just delete them each day, it is no big deal… Or I remove the link, keep the comment and make a cheeky comment if it amuses me enough.

It is just typical of a section of people not prepared to actually develop their own businesses for themselves, with a little bit of imagination, effort and consistency, they could easily build up their own really good following on their sites and not attemptthe unimaginative, ill-informed short cut.

If people have got something valuable to contribute, then I love the comments, but people pretending to offer some commentary with some automated software that just sends the comments on to other people sites is more lame than the England football team…

There are a number of things that people can do to drive traffic without being lazy and attempting those kinds of short cuts which just get the backs up of serious bloggers and internet marketers… Like writing regularly and developing a good number of loyal followers.

I think a good sturdy business is built on solid relationships – relationships with your readers, consumers, clients, students and so on… You simply can’t take a monumental short cut and develop relationships with people in an instant. There is evidence to suggest that people very rarely impulse buy, but heck, those that do have plenty of opportunity to do so online, but that is not the market we want. here, we want long term relationships with people that will ideally help us to build a depth of service to those people, enhanced education and personal development for those people and an enduring business for us.

Our recent attempt to do this with more vigour involves Keith (my business partner) and I  revamping a large section of our online business and as such we are looking to enhance the value of our members area greatly, as a result, I am looking for people in all varieties of personal development fields and other people that run successful online businesses to be interviewed by me for our members area.

If you have read this and fancy some fun and games with me, chatting and discussing the things you do well, then send me a message.

I am away at lunchtime today, I have a meeting in Dorchester and then I am taking my wife to Corfe Castle where tonight there is an open air theatre and we are going to share our picnic, drink our favourite wine, wrap up snug and watch a performance of Romeo and Juliet, can’t wait.

I think that is my excuse for a less technical blog entry today… I’ll be back writing tomorrow.