I’m baaaaack!

So to ease myself back in to the swing of things here at the blog, I thought I’d tell you a little bit about my trip and give you a flavour of the fabulous time we had…

Things I love about New York:

– The variety of foods everywhere. We had so much choice, and I do love eating. We ate big breakfasts and I love the street vendors where you can buy those massive soft pretzels:

I am guessing you can tell which was my bite and which was Katies?I had to get myself a pastrami sandwich one day too, which we ate in Bryant Park overlooking the ice rink, a real oasis filled with stalls and booths for the festive season:

My waistline is thankful that I have a marathon and ironman competition to train for at the moment! Though everywhere you go to buy food whether restaruants, bars, a deli, they all have the number of calories beside each choice! Great stuff!

– Other things I loved about New York – Dinner at the Marriott marquis, on the revolving restaurant ‘The View’ with a window seat that made the dining experience magnificent, the Rockerfeller centre and its observation decks, central park (we had breakfast in a diner overlooking it one morning, as well as one of those horse and trap rides around it), the bus tour around downtown, Bloomingdales and Macys with their window displays (though my bank balance did not enjoy it all as much), the friendliness of the people everywhere we went, and of course, Radio City Hall and the Christmas extravaganza show we went to see:

It is a spectacular theatre, so grand and vast inside and the show, with the high kicking ‘Rockettes’ was unlike anything that you get elsewhere today, it was stunning:

The stage was amazing and the production just sensational, with the kinds of moving video backdrops and massive orchestra you just don’t see in todays shows!
Funny things that happened while in New York:

– A sweet couple asked me if I’d take a photo of them using their camera, of which I obliged with a smile. The guy said to me “I love the accent” to which I thanked him and he then said “where is that, Australia?” Hahahaha.

– I kept thinking my arm was going to involuntarily let go of my phone while I filmed the view from the top of the Empire State Building:

– I saw this dodgy looking drink while at a cocktail bar in Times Square:

Very inappropriate, don’t you think?

So that is a brief flavour of mine and Katie’s trip for the past few days. I love the city I have to say. I could go on for hours about all the things we did, but heck, I have to get on and catch up with things here…

I wish all my friends in the US a very happy thanksgiving today… We nearly stayed in New York to watch the parade… But I have work to do… I’ll be back tomorrow.