So what do you reckon? Nice snappy title for todays blog… I aimed for todays blog entry to be a snippet, but found so much stuff being written about out there, that I had to mention these three stories…

First of all, the Daily Mail (which I vowed never to read again after their Lord Triesmann sting!) has featured an article on the very yummy Natalie Imbruglia. This article includes information on how she benefited from hypnosis and stopped smoking. In the article she states:

I quit smoking last October. I was only ever a social smoker, but being a singer it was a terrible habit. I quit through hypnosis. Four different people hypnotised me before it worked. I guess it comes down to how badly you want to stop.

First of all, FOUR different people??!! Second of all “how badly you want to stop”?? You were very bad at wanting to stop, obviously. I know it seems pedantic, but the way we language the habits influences how they affect us. Still, Natalie is a real darling and so I forgive her this obvious faux pas.

Next up in the hypnosis world, is the news that the one and only Mel Gibson has now trained to become a hypnotist. This could be great news, or very bad news, we’ll just have to wait and see I think. This hypnosis article at Monsters and Critics website states:

The screen legend has been taught the power of suggestion and how to put people into a trance by a top Aussie expert.

Rick Collingwood spent 10 days with Mel at the actor’s home in Los Angeles teaching him the skills.

Perth-based Rick, 52, who runs Australia’s largest hypnotism academy, said: “Mel’s a natural. He’s got the look and the patter — as well as piercing blue eyes. He’s going to be a great hypnotist.”

Father-of-one Rick, who has been a hypnotist since he was just 12 years old, is a friend of Mel’s brother, Chris.

Through Chris, an introduction was set up and he and Mel have now become pals.

Rick said: “Mel’s brother Chris has been into NLP, neuro-linguistic programming, and hypnotism for a long time and he talked to Mel about it over the phone and Mel got interested, too.

“I was heading out to Los Angeles for work so Mel invited me over.

“I was with him for 10 days teaching him the technique.

“He is very, very interested in it. He didn’t say he wanted to learn it for a specific reason. He was just curious.

“I think he’s just interested in the mind and human nature.”

I could discuss this for hours, such is my own curiosity and intrigue… But heck, more important things are at hand today. This video featuring very well known hypnotist Marc Savards wife and Dr Zulli discussing hypnosis and hypnotherapy for natural childbirth was featured on Fox News show in the US. I am delighted it got aired and that people are out there flying the flag.

It is a shame that the presenter is so cynical about it, I’d have loved Dr Zulli to have offered up some more empirical evidence which could not be refuted by the presenter… And when she introduces the snippet of the show, she lumps the field of hypnosis in with homeopathy??!! Why do that?? They are totally different, that is like saying “we had a bricklayer in earlier this week talking about building houses and so today we have two people in to discuss hypnosis and natural childbirth.” It is just irrelevant.

Hypnosis has empirical evidence that shows it has efficacy in dealing with childbirth, managing pain and I want to wish Joanna and Marc Savard all the very best with their third child, here is the clip:

[youtubevideo id=”L-u_Mff7bLo”]