It is heartbreaking…

After all the training and the months of slogging out the miles… I strained the collateral ligaments in my knee… Which apparently now resemble an elastic band that has been pulled so much that it is out of shape and not pinging back!

I landed awkwardly on it while preparing for the start and was not allowed to run the marathon. Both by medical professionals and by the pain that my knee was giving me! It has had ice, elevation and is going to get rest… I have supplements to help and a good dose of self-hypnosis is going to add to the mix too…

My charity have been wonderful and I have a place secured for next year to run and compete again. So all those that sponsored me, you’ll get your moneys worth out of me yet.

My fundraising firewalking event in Bournemouth is still going ahead and I can’t wait for that to make up for some of my disappointment.

I wrongly felt jealous of so many friends, my brother and all those other 50,000 people running along the streets this year. it really is a spectacle I adore being part of.

No blog today, no more feeling sorry for myself, just a BIG thanks to those of you that texted me wishes at the weekend, I’ll keep them all for next years event and I hope to be back running in a couple of months.

My chin is up… heavy, but up… đŸ™‚