Well, it was a great week for UK football… Two English teams got into the the European Cup final and what a prospect that game is going to be. Manchester United versus Chelsea…Can’t wait.

Add to that, Scottish side Rangers got to the UEFA cup final last night and it is a good time for UK football. There is another Scottish sporting phenomena brewing — Golfer Lynn Kenny. Let me tell you why I want to mention her…

If you read this article in the Sunday Mail, you can read of the changing fortunes of Lynn Kenny. Who had not faired as well as she would have liked as a professional golfer, had been branded a flop, and then this happened:

“I was anxious and thinking too technically. I would stand on the tee and see the bad shot rather than be visualising the good.

“Last summer it was suggested I try hypnotherapy. I was sceptical but went along anyway. Three weeks later I had my first top 10 finish at the French Open. You could call it co-incidence but in golf the difference between success and failure is mental strength.

“I feel hypnotherapy helped me turn the corner. I had three more sessions in the winter and think my game is in a place where I can win this season.”

Cool, eh?

I shall be keeping a keen eye on her progressing career, especially with her being such a great advocate of hypnotherapy.

On a sporting note, please everyone keep their fingers crossed or my beloved Nottingham Forest this weekend. We could get an automatic promotion slot if results go our way and we win in this final fixture of the season… If we only end up in the play-offs, they will be happening during my honeymoon… and we don’t want that now, do we?

Anyway, I am off to watch the Hampshire cricket team today with my father-in-law at the Rose Bowl in Southampton.. Well, he’ll be my father-in-law properly in one weeks time… The sporting weekend is going to be an aid to distract me from my wedding in one weeks time which is getting me soooo uncontrollably excited… Have a great weekend.