Well, well, well… We took our Christmas tree down last night… Down also came the cards… and up on my wall got pinned the marathon training programme… Yes indeed, my annual 16 week programme for running London marathon which I am doing again this year…

So with my fitness regime carefully planned each day for the next 16 weeks, I have also been reading from cover to cover my monthly mens fitness magazines much more avidly than I was doing at the end of last year… I have subscriptions to Men’s Health and Mens Fitness magazines and they are both packed full of stuff each month.

The reason I mention this today is for a reason you’d never suspect at all. Not at all! Let me explain…

The New Year edition of Mens Health magazine has an article entitled “Work Smarter” written by Nick Bradshaw. Here is the precis to the article:

Want to beat the job market? If you’re worried you’ll find yourself out on a limb, it’s time to recession-proof your career. These jobs will make you fitter, happier, healthier and richer.

Ok… Sounds interesting. The ten jobs listed were librarian, tree surgeon, wine buyer, landscape architect, college lecturer, personal trainer, session drummer/drum tutor, genetic counsellor and guess what else?

You guessed it right! Hypnotherapist!

They give advantages to all the jobs and little things that indicate a health bonus, or level of training required and whether they are low stress etc.

For a hypnotherapist, they have the icons that indicate “No Boss” and “Recession Proof” …

Here is what they say about it:

Salary: £100k+
Entry Difficulty: Two Stars (Out of a possible five stars)

Look into our eyes… According to direct.gov.uk, the government careers advice service, the demand for hypnotherapists is rising, due to an increase in referrals by GPs. You get to explore clients’ minds, helping them overcome psychological and physical conditions) and occasionally make them stand on one leg and bark like a dog…) A series of workshops and assignments will get you recognised by the National Council for Hypnotherapy — and you can charge an hourly rate between £40 and £100.

The Clincher: Peace, quiet, security and no boss — a way to grow rich chilling out.
The kicker: Due to stage quacks, it will take time to build up a solid reputation.

Once you get passed the tabloid, multi media style of writing, there is some truth behind this… Though you can charge more, it is tougher than they indicate to qualify with a good school and reputable organisation, though you potentially can earn more than indicated, I encounter very few hypnotherapists who actually do. There are a proliferation of hypnotherapy “business gurus” out there who have not actually earned a great deal by seeing one-to-one clients themselves but manage to convince people that they are successful and therefore hypnotherapists struggling to build a business spend what little budget they do have on systems and approaches that are anything other than proven and usually flawed.

Made me smile wryly when I found my monthly fitness literature fix punctuated with my own career and celebrated in such a manner.


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