Because we are launching a series of new hypnosis sessions, I am writing my ezine today, and business is generally incredibly busy… I do not have as much time as I’d like to indulge in my blog today.

Yet I wanted to share a fascinating piece of research with you… Do you know any men that do these things subconsciously in an attempt to protect their wives or partners from falling prey to other men…?

According to this piece of research cited at science direct, men with more attractive girlfriends or wives are more likely to engage in so-called “mate retention behaviors” — these are behaviors designed to thwart a woman’s infidelity and include refusing to introduce their partners to male friends; reading their partners’ personal mail; and buying their partners small gifts… Hmmm….

Do you know men who do those kinds of things? I am wondering if I do those things… Anyway, the introduction to the research goes along the lines of:

More attractive women are more likely to be pursued as mates by men other than their long-term partner and, therefore, to place their partner at greater risk of cuckoldry (investing unwittingly in a child to whom he is genetically unrelated). Men partnered to more attractive women perform more mate retention behaviors — behaviors designed to thwart a woman’s infidelity.

With greater risk of female infidelity, men may perform additional anti-cuckoldry tactics such as frequent in-pair copulations(IPC). We secured self-reports from 277 men in a long-term relationship and investigated: (1) the relationship between female partner’s attractiveness and IPC frequency and (2) the mediating role of female partner’s attractiveness on the relationship between IPC frequency and male mate retention behaviors. The results indicated that female attractiveness: (1) predicts IPC frequency and (2) partially mediates the relationship between IPC frequency and male mate retention behaviors. The discussion addresses the mediated relationship, notes limitations of the research, and highlights directions for future research.

Makes for some interesting, though rather predicatable reading… Ok, better put these flowers for Katie in a vase and leave them besides her opened post… 😉