Todays blog entry is an announcement, a plug, a notification of a seminar I am incredibly excited about… Heck, you regular readers do pretty well out of me and my regular writing, so let me indulge a bit here today…

About 8 years ago, a highly talented young magician attended one of my self-hypnosis seminars. He was incredibly keen, a great student and we hit it off straight away.

Not only did we become friends who lived close to each other, this guy, a few years later introduced hypnosis into his performance repertoire. He was pretty damn good at it and his natural performance skills and confidence in using hypnosis were (and still are) a joy to watch.

We met up periodically, we laughed our arses off together, we also debated and disagreed on a few things, but there was much I started to learn from him and his approach.

Just recently, I invited this man to talk at the local hypnotherapy peer support group, and he’s been developing his skills, speaking at very cool hypnosis events and I suggested we do something together… Other than him repeatedly stealing my watch, that is…

We have sat and discussed it at much length and have put a seminar together, demonstrating two different approaches to inducing hypnosis, aimed at hypnotherapists in practice… Skills that can be used ethically and safely in the therapy room!

This guy is of course, the one and only James Brown.

For those wanting to see my evidence-based approach, contrasted with James’s natural flair and performance, then watch us critique what each other is doing, and then teach a very wide variety of rapid and gentle inductions that will greatly enhance any hypnotherapist’s skills, then please go and read this page:

Magic Inductions for Hypnotherapists.

It is a one day seminar, with a LOT of fun and laughter, a LOT of information, and a LOT of hypnosis is going to happen. Not only are we going to demonstrate the underlying principles and philosophies, we are going to cut to the chase and offer up a veritable plethora of hypnosis inductions and then show how to take those learnings and do it all freestyle.

It is at a reduced fee for a very limited time, is going to take place early next year, we have limited spaces available at the venue and when they are gone, they are gone… Just go and read about it and get more information if this has in any way piqued your interest.

Magic Inductions for Hypnotherapists.