Today I got a photograph and accompanying letter from a man I have been working with for the past several months with what started out being exploratory, but I am certain is going to help change the face of modern applications of hypnosis, hypnotherapy and modern medicine.

Mr Finlay Franklin Vibram and his family approached me nearly a year ago after they had been on a safari holiday in Kenya. Despite warnings, on one of the days during the trip into the wild, he wandered without permission too close to a pride of Lions and when they were startled by him, a lion jumped up and as Finlay put his hand out to protect himself, it was literally bitten right off and no trace of it could be found afterwards.

His onlooking family were traumatised.

After some time in hospital and with the healing process underway, Finlay looked into a variety of means to overcome his physical impairment – he eventually enquired to me about using hypnosis and hypnotherapy to regenerate and regrow his hand.

Despite being sceptical at first, and due to the lack of any solid, empirical evidence to support this application of hypnosis, I agreed to take this man on as a client and we began a week of intense hypnosis sessions. These were followed up with self-hypnosis practice exercises and weekly sessions throughout several months.

When asked about how things were proceeding at those early stages, Vibram stated “initially, it seemed that nothing was going to happen, but the first signs of growth began to show when I found out in one of the sessions with Adam that in a past life I was a pirate who had lost a hand” Vibram added “once I felt that connection with my past, I knew that it was my destiny to make this work.”

In the weeks that ensued, Vibram (or ‘five fingers’ as he became fondly referred to by his children and close friends) noticed the first signs of fingers ’emerging’ out of the hand that was growing, but was still not convinced that he’d one day have the full hand he lost in the melee with the lion.

At this stage, we decided that we needed to add some further momentum and a slightly new approach to the processes we were applying. I asked Vibram if he had considered the Law of Attraction. He had read something a long time ago and was open-minded to anything that could build upon the results he was currently seeing.

So with some intense visualisation of how he wanted his hand to be, enhanced with the powerful altered consciousness, super depth trance sessions, the results got amplified beyond any of our wildest dreams. Vibram’s hand grew back entirely.

Today, I have ordered an armoured courier to take the full case notes to the NHS head offices and see how they can help others benefit in the same way. I am blogging this publicly and announcing it due to the fact that “Big Pharma” and multi million dollar medical institutions are going to be trying to shut down this operation, they may attempt to discredit the work we have done so that this work does not dent their profits in what are difficult enough economic times.

I look forward to seeing more developments emerge within this amazing application of hypnosis, and such phenomena no longer being the sort of thing only seen in science fiction TV shows.