Just look at the main picture above here, a picture of those keen students with great big smiles on their faces while they are learning, eh? Well, that could be you sporting one of those cheesy grins…..

Over a decade ago now, I made a big lifestyle decision to move my business, well, my entire life to the south coast of England. Then I met my wife here, had my children here, have my friendships here, love the beach here and have a beach hut and of course…. I run my training courses here.

For some people, me moving to one of the southern most locations of the UK was an issue, I’d often be told:

“Adam, I’d love to train with you, but I can’t afford the travel and accommodation to Bournemouth.”
“I’d love to come and train with your college, but you are too far away.”

So a while back, I wrote this article about why people should make the effort and actually get down here to Bournemouth to train with me, I stated my case here and I recommend you read it:
Why Bother Travelling To Bournemouth For Hypnotherapy Training?

It is all change here though, I have had 18 months whereby I have limited the amount of training I’ve been doing, I got to focus on lots of projects and am now in a position to come and start touring a little bit again. If you are a trained hypnotherapist, then perhaps you’d like me to come to your area and run a course or a seminar? perhaps you and a group of colleagues that keep in touch would like to get together and have me run a course for you? Perhaps you run a hypnotherapy training organisation and you could host me coming and running one of my courses? Perhaps you belong to a professional organisation that could host an event in your location?

How about both or either of my leading one day seminars:

1. Rapid Inductions and Hypnotic Phenomena For Hypnotherapists.
This one day seminar showcases a very useful skillset and includes demonstrations and a manual full of the scripted techniques demonstrated – including a great many rapid inductions methodologies and instruction on how to elicit a wide number of different types of hypnotic phenomena from anyone and everyone.

2. The Science of Self-Hypnosis Seminar.
A celebration of my life’s work, based upon the content of my bestselling book “The Science of Self-Hypnosis: The Evidence-Based Way to Hypnotise Yourself” and my ongoing, breakthrough University research, this seminar is for everyone and anyone looking to learn an invaluable life skill, but also for hypnotherapists looking for the best evidence base and methodology on this subject available in the world today.

I could also run any of the following courses for you or your group:

1. Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma – two x 5 day tuition blocks –  – this course adheres to the GHSC requirements for advanced level diploma and we are one of just 7 schools or colleges worldwide who are approved to offer this training with the GHSC. If you have a hypnotherapy diploma already, this course is going to take things to the next level for you in a big way. Have a read about it following the above link.

2. Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist Certification – 5 day course – this course is an incredibly evidence based approach. CBH is exponentially more than just an amalgam of CBT plus hypnosis. Hypnosis has been shown to advance the efficacy of CBT, but CBH actually predates CBT. Many of the roots of CBH can be traced to James Braid’s therapeutic work. Come and have a read about the course using the link.

3. Hypnotic Coaching Certification – 5 day course – this online course is going to refresh and invigorate any hypnotherapists business greatly. Hypnotic coaching is incredibly effective and can add another revenue stream to the hypnotherapists income. Learning hypnotic coaching helps you to expand your business and ethically increase the time you spend with rewarding, achieving, positive clients.

Hypnotic coaching tends to be more upbeat, more active and quite a contrast to the typical therapeutic environment – it can serve as quite a tonic and subsequently helps the hypnotherapist to be even more effective when working with therapy clients. With hypnotic coaching, your clients are people who are healthy, well and simply want to be better, achieve more, take their life to the next level. This course gives you the tools and structure to add to your existing hypnotherapy skills and open up a whole new exciting world of possibility.

Hypnotic coaching is totally portable and can be conducted from anywhere in the world that you have access to a phone or the internet, technology ensures that our potential client base is everyone and anyone who is connected – and we are currently more connected to the world than at any previous point in history. It makes absolute sense for us to capitalise upon that – and reach out and help more people achieve their dreams.

I give every delegate manuals, coursework, slides, handouts and usually much more besides. I give lots of demonstrations, offer up full structured feedback to all delegates and offer formal qualifications and accreditation for all of our courses in addition to CPD certificates for classroom hours attended.

So how about it? Instead of wishing I was based closer to you, why not get in touch and we organise something together? How about we bring the hypnotherapy training to you? I could even develop a course or specific masterclass for your group specifically if you’d like. Get in touch, let’s talk about it.