I have always thought that when it comes to motivation, or the development of any kind of emotion, state or feeling, if we walk around all day every day trying to analyse it and assess it, then it could deflate us or have an adverse effect.

As I often say to my clients and in the classroom, if you sat in your garden and got comfortably positioned and decided to observe your flowers and shrubs growing, you may not find it all that entertaining. In fact, you may not notice a great deal happening at all.

However, if you tend to that flower, water it, let the sun shine upon it, feed it and let nature take its course, when you return a week a later, you notice that it has grown, developed and sometimes bloomed and blossomed and is well worth enjoying and looking at some more.

It’s a bit like when I see my brother and sister-in-law with their children. They live with their own kids day in, day out, so don’t always notice things as much as we do when we see them. When we see them, my niece and nephew have grown a great deal and they are sure to tire of me telling them that they have grown so much!

So when we develop our motivation and drive and aim to end laziness and procrastination for good, it is best that we have a regular process of some kind and tend to it and manage it, but then we take action, get on with our life and do not spend every day analyzing how much it has changed each and every minute… I mean, when reducing weight, you would not go and jump on the scales every minute to see how much weight you have lost, would you? (Heck though, I know some folk get near to that!)

This is the third and final step in our process of developing a deep rooted level of motivation using self-hypnosis. Please refer to the previous two steps detailed in the previous two blog entries here.

6 Steps To Let Your Motivation Truly Bloom:

As I said in the previous two steps, keep in mind your desired outcomes. That is, what do you want to be more motivated to do? What is the point of this increased motivation? How are you going to change as a result of it? With that in mind, get into a comfortable position, where you won’t be disturbed and then crack on…

Step One: Induce hypnosis. You can do so by any means you desire or know of. You can use the process in my Science of self-hypnosis book, use the free audio we give away on this website to practice or have a look at the following articles as and when you need them; they are basic processes to help you simply open the door of your mind:

Heavy Arm Self-Hypnosis Induction Method
Using Eye Fixation for Self-Hypnosis
The Chiasson Self-Hypnosis Method
Hand to Face Self-Hypnosis Induction
Using Magnetic Hands for Self-Hypnosis
The Coin Drop Self-Hypnosis Induction

Once you have induced hypnosis, move on to step two.

Step Two: Engage your imagination in whatever way is right for you. Trust however you choose to interpret this, is the way that is right for you.

Find yourself in the garden of your mind once again now, notice the sounds, the colours, textures, shades and notice how wonderful it feels to be in this place, the garden which you made fertile and vibrant and then planted the seeds of your motivation within previously.

Breathe the fresh air, notice the temperature, enjoy the weather and let it all be just right for you and your garden.

Take some time to use this imagined scene to deepen your experience and whenever you have truly engaged with the garden and got it vivid in your mind, move on to the next step.

Step Three: Look at the area where your seeds were planted and as you do so, allow yourself to get a sense of the roots growing strongly and powerfully deep beneath the surface. Your motivation seeds have grown and developed powerful foundations and are enjoying the watering you have offered, and all the wonderful nutrients from the prepared soil. The seeds have a very solid and firm foundation.

As you look closer, you start to notice the surface of the soil starting to vibrate and motion very subtly and gently, but noticeably. You notice that a shoot starts to push its way through the surface and arrive, green with the signs of new life and new beginnings… Then others start to follow until the planting area is filled with shoots developing and growing, like a nature programme with footage that has been sped up dramatically…

Watch them, let them take you deeper and you watch them growing slowly and surely there in front of you and when you have that happening before you, move on to the next step.

Step Four: Think about the desired outcomes you have. Thank about what you want to achive in your life. Think about how sure you are that you want to make a change.

As you think about that, start to notice that you are emanating a healthy glow that turns into a light. It is the light of your determination and drive and deep rooted inspiration. As you think about all that you wish to accomplish and attain with your motivation, and how much you wish to let go of laziness, let go of any procrastination, the light glows more radiantly and powerfully.

The shoots start to respond and react to the light that you emanate, like it is a powerful life enhancer and accelerator for these plants, that now start to turn into flowers.

The light seems to generate colours, structure, strength as the plants buds turn into petals of a wide array of colours and shapes of your own choosing. Just delight in it as you bask in your own glow observing the flowers changing, evolving and blooming and blossoming so beautifully and naturally.

Take a few moments to go deeper as you watch the flowers blooming and blossoming, enjoy their magnificence and move on to the next step.

Step Five: As the flowers grow strongly and beautifully and naturally before your eyes, start to notice the feelings of motivation now start to bloom and blossom incredibly powerfully within you too.

Imagine it now growing, flowering and accelerating within you. You know you created the fertile ground. You know you planted the seeds and tended to them. You know you have the desire and the willing to drive your own destiny. So now let the motivation grow.

As it grows within you, imagine old excuses being overpowered and wilting like old weeds. Imagine the flowers bloom and you continue to tend to them, to feed them, tend to the soil and develop them on a daily basis.

Let the flowers represent your motivation and drive. As you tend to them, so the motivation within you flowers and blooms and stays strong – as long as you keep it going, keep tending to it.

Start to think about actions you can take, steps you can take to develop and drive and inspire change in your life. Decide right now that you are going to take decisive action and ride on the wave of you motivation.

Let the motivation spread through your body. Let it course through you. Let it be a colour that you spread with your mind. Let it be a sound that resonates throughout every cell of your being. Let it be that familiar sensation that you feel with every part of who and how you are. Fill yourself with that drive, motivation and inspiration.

Take all the time you need watching those beautiful flowers, knowing that as you continue to think of them in your day-to-day life, you water them, tend to the ground, feed them, that the motivation they represent stays with you and makes an amazing and wonderful impact on your life. Once you have absorbed as much of that motivation as is right for now, then move on to the final step.

Step Six: End this session by reminding yourself that this motivation stays with yo and that you act upon it and utilise it as soon as you can.

Wiggle your fingers and toes, take a deep breath and open your eyes and think about taking some action – go take it.

Be driven. Be inspired.

Take care to continue to use this session a few times, and then choose to keep tending those flowers that you created and let the motivation develop just as beautifully for you too.

I hope you enjoyed this mini series of sessions, and I hope you use the process to develop some deep-rooted motivation to get this year off to a flyer that builds a foundation for success for sure!


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