This blog entry is really a proposition…..

Are you a therapist? Have you ever wanted to become a published author? Have you thought about how to really advance your career with the kudos of being a published author? Ever thought about how nice it will be to have passive income generated from your book sales? This is an opportunity for you this coming New Year.

Starting on Wednesday January the 7th, for 8 weeks, we’ll be hosting a series of webinars to ensure you make 2015 your most successful ever. If you are unable to make any of the calls, you’ll get access to the recordings to listen to straight after.

This is limited to just 15 people, and I’m certain it will fill up. We’ll work with each of the 15 people as part of the group but also individually to help you get laser beam advice specific to you and your book project.

This set of live online classes delivered by myself and Keith Watson will run you through everything you need to know about writing your book, editing it, getting it published and how to market it effectively in order to get it into the hands of your target audience.

This is only ever going to be run a single time at this price, because it is the first time we are running it and we want to make sure we get it absolutely right for you. It will be the only time we deliver this course in 2015 for sure. Plus, all proceeds for this first time, go to charity. You do not pay us directly for this, you just need to visit my charity fundraising page, donate £125.00 and you have one of the spaces for this webinar series:

There are many, MANY people out there who want to write a book, but don’t. There are many, MANY, people out there who write a book and do not get published. There are many, MANY people out there who get a book published and who make very few sales indeed. There are many, MANY therapists out there who deserve to be doing better than they are!

If you follow the guidance and instructions as well as invest the right amount of effort, you’ll have a book written, edited, published and selling well much sooner than you might think.

For the 8 weeks that this course runs, you’ll be required to work very hard, making sure you complete the homework given to you each week within set deadlines – this will make sure you have made major progress by the end of this course and have a foundation to go and become a published author whose book sells and whose book has a positive effect upon your business. We are going to pack each webinar with a LOT of information for you to digest and then use effectively.

The first few modules will guide you through how to actually write your book – seems simple, but it is not. You want to write a book that publishers will be sold on and enthusiastic about. You also want to write a book that readers will invest in, will talk to others about and a book that represents you well. These are things that require consideration and balance. We’ll even run through the processes of having the best title (and a subtitle that will deliver success), knowing the right tone, being able to express yourself with clarity and also be considered credible and respected due to your content.

I’ll show you how to choose your subject matter, how to research it, how to be subsequently considered the expert of this subject as a result. What qualifies me to advise you on that? Today, I am sought out by professional peers, world champions, world record holders, media representatives, magazines, conferences and members of the public from countries all around the world due to being considered a world renowned expert when it comes to self-hypnosis and when it comes to using hypnosis for advancing running performance. This was built upon having books that sold well in these niches. Your book will open doors for you and add dimension to your career.

With the latter part of this course, you’ll be guided through the process of how to get a publisher to publish your book, what they look for in a book proposal and advise of the benefits of taking the route of being backed by professionals in this field.  We’ll also show you how to self-publish if you want a higher cut of the sales and how to be absolutely in charge of the entire process yourself. We have direct experience in both of these areas and both has it’s own fair share of advantages and annoyances.

Either way, you’ll also need to know how to market your book, we’ll show you how to make online book retailers love your book. We’ll show you how to launch your book in style, how to get a great Amazon ranking, how to get your book featured in all the right places and how to ensure the book becomes a tool that will indeed jettison your career. Importantly as well, we’ll show you how to make money from your book.

This is a one-off opportunity – we will work you hard, coach you and set you up with all you need to know.

Is This For You?

We are primarily aiming this at therapists, so you should be a therapist. This is our area of expertise, we do not know about publishing fiction. You need to be able to invest time and effort in this process. We do not want people to sign up and take places on this course, but then not implement what we show you to do. We want you to be a successful author with a successful career as a result. Your progress and level of achievement will reflect upon us.

It will be run on 8 Wednesdays 4pm-5pm UK time as of January the 7th. You will get spoon fed with all the instructions of how to join in each webinar and we’ll send each of you a recording of the call as soon as it has finished. Each call will be led by Keith or myself in the first instance, then there’ll be ample opportunity for you to ask questions and directly consult with us. You’ll have ongoing access to us throughout the rest of the week for us to help you work on your book until the course ends.

Is 2015 the year that you decide to finally become a successful, published author and become a recognised authority in your specialist area? Then seize this opportunity. I think it’ll be the best investment of £125.00 you ever made. I know what we are going to be teaching and what we are going to be including and you are going to be blown away with the depth of information. We are going to ave the way for you to become the published author you wish to become. No more dreaming, no more pining, but making it happen and taking positive action.

Simply donate £125.00 to my charity fundraising page and I’ll email you through confirmation from there about how to get started:

If you’re reading this, you have a head start on everyone else – we’ll be announcing it and promoting it heavily in my ezine next week, so expect the places to get taken quite soon after that.