It is being covered by just about every media source known to mankind, which I am delighted about because hypnosis and hypnotherapy get publicity… Yes indeed, it is the story that Leona Lewis, X-Factor winner and international pop music sensation is about to undergo some hypnotherapy.

The first places I saw it mentioned were here in OK magazine and here at Contact Music website…

Leona Lewis is seeking help from Paul McKenna, who is a celebrity pal of Simon Cowell to deal with nerves she has prior to performaing on stage during her upcoming tour.

I find it amazing. Someone so fantastically talented, someone so loved by her audiences, someone whose voice is capable of reducing people to tears… Yet is apparently undergoing a series of therapy sessions with a famous TV hypnotist to help her overcome her lack of confidence when performing to these audiences.

Isn’t it amazing what the brain can do? Despite all the evidence to suggest she is up there as one of the most taltented and loved performers in the world today, she lacks confidence.

She already has bags more poise and confidence than she used to, but she’s a natural born worrier,” a source told the Sun.

Hey, someone needs to stop labelling her that when in close quarters, if she starts believing that she’ll unconsciously cling on to it… I look forward to hearing of her fabulous 14 month tour, and seeing the positive and progressive effects of hypnotherapy for Leona Lewis, doing her and my beloved field much good.