A bit of an informative blog entry today. Wanting to let you know of a couple of dates coming up which are of interest to hypnotherapists and hypnotists alike.

Firstly, my friend James Brown and I along with a healthy bunch of other hypnosis geeks have been going out for dinners to talk hypnosis… I have been thoroughly enjoying the events and following the previous couple of hypnosis geek dinners, I think we are just about getting the blend of ingredients right to ensure all benefit from attending this event. We have been running them every six weeks or so and have our next one scheduled.

The only change we plan to make for the next dinner is that we shall advise all those attending of the topics for discussion on the night about a week in advance so that everyone can prepare more fully and ideally people can contribute to the discussions we engage in.

it is great for hypnosis professionals to get to talk all things hypnosis for an evening as many of those in the field of professional hypnosis do not get that opportunity. It helps us to develop ideas, support each other, network and of course learn more through being exposed to new ideas, opposing viewpoints and so on.

When I spoke with James this morning, we do have some topics to discuss, but thought it would be nice for you to offer up some ideas too – so we have asked all those people that are already booked on to the next one to let us know if there is anything you’d like us to bring to the table and it can feature as one of our discussions.

There is a limit on numbers for the Marsham Court dining facilities, so we have invited all our previous attendees already and many of the seats at the next dinner are taken already.

However, today we go public and are announcing the date to all comers. If you’d like a seat at the next event, let me know and I’ll get you booked in before we offer it to the public.

We have booked the same venue, a hotel overlooking the sea here in Bournemouth – the only cost is the price of your dinner. it starts at 7pm on Thursday May the 12th.

I shall be doing another demonstration at the end of dinner, as per request and James will be showcasing his skills on the streets afterwards.

If you fancy yourself as a hypnogeek, come join us, even if you don’t know anyone, we are a very welcoming group and the focus is mostly on our subject. We have had a varied bunch of wonderful people join us for our previous dinners, including the brilliant stage hypnotist Martin S Taylor who had people ‘pinging’ and ‘ponging’ in the bar after dinner last time around.

Secondly, I am writing to advise you of our next GHR peer support group meeting for hypnotherapists.

June the 1st is our next meeting and I am delighted to announce that we are to welcome to one and only James Tripp to Bournemouth.

We shall be meeting at 7pm at the Marsham Court hotel (details can be found at www.marshamcourt.com) please be as prompt as possible. The fee for the night remains at a very low amount to simply cover the cost of the facilities. It is a not-for-profit event aimed at assisting professional hypnotherapists in practice.

In recent months we have welcomed some fabulous speakers and I am delighted to be able to announce yet another brilliant contributor of the hypnosis world is joining us this time around.

James Tripp is a student of personal development, with a particular interest in influential communication and the mechanisms of personal change. As a ‘Hypnotist’ he works professionally with clients who wish to change habits, mindsets, responses, behaviours and results – helping people get more of what they want and less of what they don’t.

As a teacher of Hypnosis, James is the developer of the critically acclaimed Hypnosis Without Trance approach to understanding and practicing Hypnosis.

About The Presentation at June’s Meeting, James states:

Many hypnotherapists I encounter seem to shy away from the use of overt hypnotic phenomena in their work. The most common publicly given reason for this that I encounter is that overt hypnotic phenomena are unnecessary in getting results. Whilst this is to some extent true, It is also true that overt hypnotic phenomena are tools that can be applied as powerful vehicles for change, and can be ‘the difference that makes the difference’ for some clients’.

The most common privately given answer I hear is a little different – “‘what if I go for an overt phenomenon and it doesn’t work?'” I think there are few hypnotists/hypnotherapists who have not at least at some point felt some fear or anxiety about ‘failing’.

In this presentation I will address both these points – firstly showing how useful overt hypnotic phenomena can be, and secondly demonstrating why there is no need to fear failure when setting them up.”

I hope you’ll be joining us for what is sure to be a beneficial and informative evening.

Do get in touch and let me know if you wish to be included in the numbers. Also, do feel free to invite colleagues and/or friends to join us, they are most welcome. This group has been incredibly well supported for the past couple of years and I love seeing so many hypnotherapists come together in this way regularly.

Hope to see you there, get in touch to join the fun.