Those of you that receive my ezine, you’ll have had hundreds of emails from keith recently… Though they should have subsided by now… My students and members all know who he is – Keith Watson is the man that works very hard behind the scenes on my website and business… anyhow, he wrote a very useful blog yesterday that was also featured on my ezine yesterday and today i am simply copying and pasting it up here for you to read. Enjoy…

My introduction to the power of hypnosis and self-hypnosis goes back about six years now when I met Adam Eason a leading UK Clinical Hypnotherapist at a BNI network meeting. As a former nurse I became fascinated by the physical changes that Adam was able to bring about just by using the power of the mind. What an amazing in-built resource we have and yet in most people it is underused or ignored completely.

The interest was further fuelled when I my company developed his website and I began to read some of his articles and testimonials. It struck me then that a combination of his hypnosis and NLP knowledge and my own internet marketing skills we could develop quite a web presence and authority site about hypnosis.

Wehey what a ride!

But now we have a website which is jam packed with self-hypnosis material catering for those with idle curiosity about hypnosis through to those who would like to train for a career as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Let me be your guide…


If you go to Adam’s website you will see on the right hand side a section called Free eBook and Hypnosis Session. Just filling in your name and e-mail address will give you access to those two gifts but also you will then also receive weekly — usually on a Thursday “Adam Up” and ezine/newsletter which is a really useful place to get free self-improvement tips and techniques.

There are plenty of other free resources on the site to introduce you to the subject. For the really new newbie — this is an excellent page to start with that can be found under “Resources” — Your First Steps With Hypnosis

You will also find a huge number of articles also under “Resources” — Hypnotic Articles by Adam Eason

For really up to date content then there is always the Blog or Podcasts — Hypnosis Revealed oh and if you know what this means — don’t forget to take the RSS Feed or click on E-Mail update.

There are other freebies if you look around on the site — but that gives you a good start.


Once your interest has been kindled you may be looking to find out how you can take things further. Why not try out some of the products? You may well have something you want to improve in your own life — well why not give hypnosis a go. Many of the products are inexpensive and yet can make changes in your life worth a fortune. How much will you save over your life-time if you can give up smoking easily with self-hypnosis; and that is not mentioning the health improvement!

I personally used to sweat profusely before doing any public speaking — so much so that I would try to disguise the problem by always wearing a jacket even on the hottest day. This was the first thing that I tackled with self-hypnosis and it was a total success. I was really astonished and realised really for the first time the direct link between the mind (thought) and physical response. I don’t know why I hadn’t realised earlier — just ask somebody who blushes easily, or the physical shaking and sweating that accompanies fear.

Check out what is on offer in the Hypnotic Store


What shall I call the next group? Ahh..


You’ve tried self-hypnosis and you are getting into better and better trances and they are also more effective — what next. You have the bug and want to explore the subject further.

Why not join Adam’s Membership site? Adam’s Inner Circle.

The great thing about the Membership Area is the Forum which is a growing community of people who share an interest of self-hypnosis and other self-improvement techniques. The participants range in knowledge from beginner to trained practitioners. Adam is very active in this Forum and you will be fascinated by the range and scope of the conversations. You can ask questions and are encouraged to do so. The forum is moderated in case anything should get out of hand but to be honest the participants are brilliant.


Just take a look at these two videos which were taken at an Adam Eason weekend seminar in London. The guys and gals on this weekend had little experience, if any, of getting themselves into a deep self-hypnosis trance. But by day 2 in the afternoon this is what they were up to.

[youtubevideo id=”Dbkjtwg9C9w”] [youtubevideo id=”p8eNxqedO-c”]

Imagine how powerful the mind can be with more training.

To find out more go to Seminars

To see more YouTube videos of Adam Eason check out his Channel — Adam Eason Hypnosis


Well I did say there was something for everyone.

What a great career this can make and as Adam has found out recently — recession proof.  In fact people need more help not less when the going is tough.

For the really smitten who realise the powerful changes and improvements that they have made to their own life — it is not surprising to find a large number who then want to learn to use these skills in helping other people.

Now I know enough about this game to tell you that it is vital who you choose to train you. I am naturally biased so I will suggest that you read the testimonials of people who have trained with Adam to get a true view of how good this training is. As well as training participants to the required competency at Clinical Hypnotherapy but Adam also is really interested in what you do with that skill and how you progress beyond the learning environment.

To read all about the clinical hypnotherapy training check out:

10 Month Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Training

Intensive Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Training

Here is a really useful tip. If you are thinking of undergoing Clinical Hypnotherapy Accredited Diploma Training and want to speak to people who have done it and find out direct what earlier participants have to say about things — join Adam’s Membership site: Adam’s Inner Circle.

There ends Keith’s blog post… Have a great weekend, I’ll be back next week… 🙂