Every now and then I like to bring you the real important stuff, the kind of news that is really key in the field of hypnotherapy… You regular readers know that… 😉

So the big news today is that Kate Moss is about to hire a hypnotherapist to help clean up her life in preparation for having a baby. Her champagne lifestyle needs some curbing apparently…

It is being covered by a large number of media sources, but here is what Hello magazine are reporting:

Supermodel Kate Moss has hired a hypnotherapist to help her stop smoking and drinking in a bid to become pregnant.

The Croydon-born star is keen to have her first baby with musician boyfriend Jamie Hince, The Sun reports.

“Kate is aware that she smokes heavily and probably drinks a little too much. So she has been to see a Harley Street therapist to help her break those habits,” a source tells the UK newspaper.

“Jamie is keen to start a family and Kate knows that it would be wise to try to conquer her vices before she gets pregnant again.

“She’s really been enjoying her sessions and has already begun to see the benefits.

“Her daughter Lila has been hinting that she wants a sibling and Jamie has made it clear that he’d love to be a dad.

“Now Kate is coming round to the idea of having another child and the first step on the process is to cut out her bad habits.”

So yes indeed folks, you heard it here, the important stuff. Never let it be said that the crucial information from the field of hypnosis and hypnotherapy passes us by.

I am guessing you can detect the irony on my tone today, but heck, I am taking my wife on holiday tomorrow and am really looking forward to getting away. I’ll write more when I am back… Cheerio.  🙂