Was not planning on blogging today, but wanted to get some things off my chest. A bunch of stuff is really getting on my nerves at the moment.

Firstly, I am a Nottingham Forest football club fan. We keep getting thrashed under the management of Steve McLaren, the fans are planning on staging a protest prior to this weekend’s game and I have no idea what they are hoping to achieve with it.

If our manager goes, who do we want to replace him exactly? And we’ll have to pay out compensation. If we want our chairman out, who else is going to invest money in football clubs that lose money? Why don’t our players seem to put any effort or enthusiasm into playing and play with any passion at all?

Then there is a couple of issues I have with Facebook. Why is it that when I accept a friend request from someone in a related field with hundreds of mutual friends, that they need to then write a message on my wall with a link to their website – which I then delete. Why do they need to then send me an email saying “come and LIKE my fanpage too please” – just sod off. And as for those people that send me invites to a weekend workshop in Australia in 3 days time when I am based in England…. Sheeeez….

Then each day when I login to write my blog here, I have to delete 300-400 spam comments that people have left, often they are generic messages that they think will get past our spam filters. The idea is that they want to create backlinks from good and proper sites like mine with certain keywords pointing back to their own crappy sites.  These lazy-arse douche bags (I have been watching South Park recently and therefore have started using the term douche again) want to benefit without actually contributing anything of any value at all. Were I not a better man, this stuff may well end up making me feel like this:

I am feeling much better now that little lot is off my chest… And lets be honest, there is so much to else to focus on and be happy about right now…

The great news is that the sun is shining gloriously and I am shortly heading out on a 20 mile run along the sea front.  My legs have recovered wonderfully from my marathon last weekend and my training schedule for this December’s next marathon is now underway.

More importantly though and what is outweighing everything is that my new diploma course starts tomorrow… This years fully booked monthly diploma is about to get underway and I can’t wait to get started. The course content is as up to date as I am, the delegates seem like a fabulous bunch, though I reserve the right to change my mind once I see their reaction to how much homework they get, I have a marvelous team assisting me and we are going to have a lot of fun.

That’s better, that’s the good stuff… Have a wonderful weekend…