It is here for another year. Valentines day. And so ensues the battle. Good vs Evil. Light vs Dark. Those that love the day of love and those that consider it the biggest scam going.
I was going o open up todays blog entry with one of those really crappy age-old gags like… It’s Valentines day today and this morning when I came downstairs I could not open the door… Because I forgot my key… Hahahaaar.


There are those that refuse to join in, aren’t there? And those that are hypnotised blindly by red foil, heart shapes, chocolates and so on… I am skipping around happily and lovingly because I am a fan

Am I being hypnotised by evil forces just desperately attempting to take all my money?

Am I being hypnotised by guilt-avoidance and jumping on the bandwagon to gain approval and happiness from my beloved

Us supporters of Valentines day do tend to get some snipes… Maybe from singletons, or those that have been recently hurt in love…

I have friends that went to Venice last year and had a fabulously romantic time and told me all about what a lovey-dovey, fluffy time they had… It has since descended into him getting dumped, elbowed and moved on from. As a result, this year Valentines day is simply “a way for idiots to spend money…”

Interesting how circumstances and situations can alter our perceptions.

Funny how our own unhappiness, or lack of love can lead us into darker places, especially if we yearn for he love that other people seem to have… Sometimes people can resent the happiness and love that others share… That is some powerful self-hypnosis!

Yet it is not only the disillusioned, is it? There are those that romance does not seem to be an option and doing anything special ever is just not something they do. Maybe they are in relationships because it is better than being single. Or those that object to being told by dark forces when they should attempt to be romantic….

I spent Christmas after Christmas in my lifetime with various members of my very large family and that is a time for them. There is fireworks night and Halloween, birthdays and so on for the children, Mums and Dads get their Mothering Sunday and Father’s Day. I buy cards, have fun and share in these people’s days on those occasions. I don’t get upset at their happiness — I revel in it and share it.

Katie and I eat out regularly, gaze soppily at each other often and do lots of romantic things… Maybe for others it’s a reason to pay for a babysitter, an excuse to leave the office on time, a chance to spend an evening together undisturbed, perhaps for the first time in months.

What? — Has Adam been hypnotised by the Valentines Day trance-like scam?

I am more than aware that florists, confectioners, greetings card shops, lingerie makers and many others are using Valentines day to sell more — someone tell me how that is any different from any other special occasion.

I don’t follow other peoples ideas of what constitutes romance. What I want to highlight is that maybe the hypnotic effect is just as much on those who allow themselves to be influenced negatively? Hmmm… Those that cannot simply enjoy the fact that there are other people happy and enjoying a loving occasion… Can we not enjoy the romantic notion that lots of people are out there sharing love?

Lots of people then come back with the response that every day should be couples’ day.

Yes indeed… I agree wholeheartedly with that notion… However, I like joining in the fun, I like to succumb to the heart shapes and lovey-dovey messages! If I am being hypnotised by Valentines, then I am allowing it to happen — hypnosis does not tend to happen against your will… Especially with something like sharing romance and love…

So why should I not be allowed to enjoy Valentines day where I get to write something soppier than usual in a card, have a romantic dinner and express my love in a celebratory and open manner?

Come on folks, lets embrace the mass hypnosis of this day and share some love in whatever form seems right for us today.

Am off to get my love album on 😉