I read an article in the Times today written by Alistair Campbell talking about certain stars being news commodities and I tend to agree… Though Alistair Campbell did also add that he was a Britney Spears fan though… Hahahaha… You have to laugh when ex-politicians attempt to be cool and the reverse happens…

Anyway, it strikes me that with the emergence of such vast, 24 hour news coverage these day on so many channels, that the media hone in on things — take Britney Spears for example. How much coverage do we really need on what is happening with her? Surely, now is the time to stop prodding the wounded animal with sticks and let her heal herself and her life.

You see, Itend to think that we are hypnotised by the news. I can remember that hen I was at school, my Dad would get home from work and we had o be quiet when he sat down to watch the 6 O’Clock news. 

Are we really getting an accurate account of life?  What is it that makes the news  so seemingly hypnotic and  that we need  to know  that Britney Spears has been taken to another hospital? Do we need to be fed with the downward spiral of peoples lives? Some might suggest that we need to see the misfortune of others and know that if it can happen to the stars, we feel better about ourselves… Even validated.

After 9/11, the news coverage of terrorism went crazy globally. I know South Park ran an episode where Stan’s Mum basically camped out in front of the news watching war coverage 24 hours a day in a daze… For some, this was not far from reality.

I read the odd newspaper to follow the football and sport… I read articles that stimulate and raise an eyebrow over economic and political matters that affect me… Am I being a news snob?

The news seems to be turning into one highly topical series of soap operas which keep us clinging on and wanting more and wow that is some hypnosis. The problem for me arises when the mind viruses get spread… When people start believing that around every single corner is a gang looking to murder, or that every celebrity is filled with drugs, and some people lose the flavour of reality, stop thinking their own thoughts and are affected in such a hypnotic manner.

Ok, I am signing off for the weekend… Keep an eye on the Nottingham Forest score this weekend, I have tickets to be there with my friends as Forest travel to my hometown of Bournemouth. My prospective father-in-law is a season ticket holder for Bournemouth and if they beat my fabulous Forest, think of me Saturday evening being slated in the pub by him!

Have a great weekend 🙂