When I work with clients to help them achieve their ideal size, shape and weight… I do just that. I do not refer to them ‘losing’ weight or focus on the notion of ‘weight loss’ … Especially when you think that most her things we ‘lose’ we’d rather keep…

Blimey, people jump on and off their bathroom scales in a compulsive manner and the only measure of success is how much weight they have put on or taken off…

It is important to work on state of mind, balance and getting the shape right. Heck, at the very basic level, we all know muscle weighs 5 times more than fat and fat takes up 5 times more space… Therefore, you can alter the shape dramatically without too much weight coming off when you exercise…

Yet, lots of these slimming clubs that proliferate the UK and the rest of the world have all the members jumping on the scales in front of everyone to denote success or failure… All this leads me nicely on to matters at hand… Courtney Love… I am bothered by this…

When looking at being the size, shape and weight that pleases you, it needs to be in a healthy and harmonious way!

Whatever you have read about Courtney Love before today, you’ll get a sense for her being known for extremes… I am a fan of hers… I love the way she cameo’ed in Neill Straus’s book “The Game” and yet it is her obvious issues and frailties that harm her public image sometimes…

She has had problems with her weight for a fair period of time with a media documented fluctuation… She piles on weight and then diets excessively, gets incredibly thin and then piles it all back on again… This fluctuation occurs in so many people across the western world… It is like the good and dark forces battling it out within our bodies as we go from one extreme to another… It is very destructive.

Courtney Love was recently in rehab to overcome drug abuse and as is so often the case, this led to her piling on quite a lot of weight (often food ‘fills the void’) that some in the media described as ‘excessive.’  Through some major dieting she managed to reduce her weight by a substantial forty-five pounds and then (which piqued my interest) went to hypnotist (and now ‘weight loss guru in the US) Paul McKenna for further assistance.

You’d think that we now have a happy ending, wouldn’t you? Evidently, some of Courtney Love’s friends now think she is addicted to reducing weight and is taking things too far — Has McKenna spotted any unhealthy traits within her weight reduction?  

Here is what this hypnosis article at showbizspy website says:

Rocker Courtney Love has credited hypnotist Paul McKenna for her recent weight loss.

The widow of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain consulted the weight-loss guru after using conventional dieting methods to shed more than three stone, which she had piled on after quitting drugs.

But even her close friends are concerned that her latest weight loss is far too dramatic.

One said, “She is skeletal now. Her weight would always yo-yo depending on whether she was doing drugs or not but then she cleaned up her act in rehab and replaced drugs with food.

“But Courtney is an addict and now she is addicted to losing weight.

“She looks terrible. She needs to put on a stone at least.

“Ever since she’s been seeing McKenna for hypnosis sessions, she’s lost more weight. It doesn’t look good but she thinks he’s a genius.”

Courtney, 44, underwent a series of Think Yourself Thin hypnosis sessions with McKenna, who moved from London to Los Angeles this year.

She told friends, “I’ve known Paul for years. I lost weight last year the old-fashioned way by dieting and living off protein shakes. But it was hard to stay disciplined. I was worried the weight might come back so I booked myself in for weekly sessions with Paul.

“He’s brilliant and is totally responsible for me staying so skinny. Whenever I start to feel my resolve weaken, I go to Paul for another hypnosis session.”

Courtney says she piled on 45lb two years ago after quitting drugs. She lost it on a meagre diet and through exercise and colonic irrigation.

But she has recently lost a further 10lb, leading to worries about her health.

There are many other articles all over the internet sharing these thoughts…


Certainly, any internet image search about Courtney Love shows photos that illustrate the issue at hand here… That she is a  woman with an issue pertaining to her weight… I mean, the continual fluctuation in her size and shape within pictures of her documents this issue that I believe is rather prevalent in many people (in partiocular women) in the western world today.

Good hypnotherapy should lead to balance, a harmonious mindset and much more besides simply reducing physical weight… Which is often merely a symptom of other things at work… I wish Courtney Love all the best and hope she finds harmonious ways and balance with what she is doing.