We need to have a level of balance when it comes to inhibitions, let me explain one of the most embarassing experiences of my adult life and illustrate what I mean here…

A few years ago I was bought tickets to go and attend an art class one weekend in the Hampshire countryside… I was incredibly excited.

I arrived at a village hall type venue and was slightly uncomfortable at being the youngest person there by 20 years… And being the only male… Still, I took my place in the class and had an open mind when we had a group meditation aimed at getting our creative juices flowing.

Once the meditation had finished, we were asked to get into pairs… I got to go with a very elderly lady. We were asked to hold hands and grip a paintbrush in our clasped hands.

We then had to dip that paintbrush in paint and walk around the room, expressing ourselves together, painting on the pieces of paper that were in and around the room… As a couple.

The various other women were prancing around the room, throwing their heads around, writhing to the music, painting and exploring themselves… I, however, could not think of anything worse to do, or anywhere I’d least like to be… My inhibitions kicked in… I must have looked like a stroppy, disinterested teenager… I considered telling the class tutor that I had left my jacket in the car, and I was then going to drive off and never come back.

But I stayed and studied and made friends and got some amazing artwork completed and in the end I lived happily ever after.

Some of the exercises I have been conducting with my students on my diploma course this week have led one or two of them to face similar feelings and sensations… Inhibition often disallows them from getting the most from it.

Does inhibition prohibit you from getting more out of life? Just a thought… Inhibition can be like a sabotaging, crippling form of self-hypnosis to some people… Though of course, a certain degree of it is necessary.

We finish on Sunday and I’ll be back in my usual bloging style as of Monday, no longer having to write in my lunch breaks… Have a marvellous weekend.