Hallucination Hypnosis and Amnesia Hypnosis

This is our final clip in our mini-series. Please refer to this week’s previous entries for more information about what the aim of these clips is and the reason for them.

In this clip, we refer back to our pen, create amnesia about it and get an imagined banana in there and into the mix… Watch the clip and then read the transcript that covers most of the session, though do note the set up that is not in the transcript, the pre-frame, and please note that there was a lot of background noise in this clip in the studio, so I pull some funny faces from time to time while looking at camera man Keith:

Just take a slightly deeper breath, as you exhale just allow your eyes to become comfortably closed and then just zone in on your breathing, just become aware of your breathing and then just start to do that thing when you just let your breathing happen, so you aren’t interfering with it, almost as if you are just observing it happening, and while you are just watching your breath, noticing it, allowing it to happen, inside of your mind start to act as if you are in hypnosis, start to behave as if you are in hypnosis. Inside of your mind start to convince yourself, and the more you convince yourself the more you notice and start to react and respond, notice those tiniest of cues that are existing and happening and going on now.
Perhaps you’ve noticed the difference in the frequency of which you’ve been swallowing, because I’ve certainly noticed.”

(As Sarah has been into hypnosis a couple of times prior to this, it is getting easier and so I use the ‘as if’ notion and get her to begin the induction process that way. Along with some ratification again)

Now as you are comfortable with your breathing, start to imagine that unusual idea, imagine that you can breath in through your fingertips and as you breath out its like that air travels through your body and out through your toes. So the relaxation and the comfort that you breathed in as you go deeper inside of your mind is not interfering with anything that you just let go of as you breath out, comfortably, easily, gently. Now I wonder what that experience is like, I wonder what it would feel like to drift to the deepest depths of your mind, I’m not suggesting that you can do that now, I just wonder what that would be like for you.

(I love this deepen/induction process of breathing through the fingers. I first learned it through Terrence Watts, it is fairly self-explanatory

Now inside of your mind, I’d like you to have a good think and have an imagined thought and just think about that pen that we used in our first session, I had you staring at it, imagine that you are staring at it once again, I am holding it up in front of you, but this time start to imagine the pen float further and further away from you, and as it moves further away from you it becomes smaller and smaller as it goes further away, so it starts to vanish in history, so it starts to vanish in your mind, so it starts to disappear in fact your own thought process is starting to become less and less and less as far as that was concerned and what was it that I was talking about even and the more I think about it the less I can remember what is was I was talking about. But inside of your mind far away in the distance where that thing disappeared, I can’t remember what it was, perhaps it was just an old thing, you can’t remember anymore and the more you try to remember the more its just gone…”

(We create amnesia for the pen by making it move spatially further away, and then suggesting repeatedly that it is gone in a variety of different ways)

“… its just gone its just disappeared like that tip of the tongue phenomena type of experience that just begins to tingle and wash itself all over your brain right now, so that your brain starts to remember the process of forgetting, so as its forgotten what it can’t currently remember that’s out there somewhere, off in the horizon you begin to see something yellow coming your way and that might sound a little bit unusual, a little bit different.”

(A little bit of confusing language to add to the amnesia for the pen, some reference to ‘tip of the tongue phenomena’ to start occurring as the client recognizes such, and then we replace the pen/forgotten object with something else…)

So out on the horizon begins to come something yellow, different and you notice that it is a banana, over there in the distance a banana, coming your way, coming nearer and closer and closer and you begin to realise that it was a banana that I was using throughout this entire session, its a banana that I’ve got in the top of my suit pocket, its a banana that’s been there throughout this entire process, and you imagine and remember that first moment when I took that banana out of my suit pocket when I held it in front and I held it up in the air, and you begin to remember and recall, now when you are sure that you absolutely remember what it is you need to remember about that banana, you know what that banana looks like you know what it is, that thing that we used throughout that session, its a banana, you know it, you see it, it becomes part of who and how this experience has been today. When you are absolutely sure that you remember it, you know what it looks like, you remember it being in my top pocket, my suit pocket in fact its still there its just poking out a little bit then you can open your eyes to that world where that banana exists.”

(We embellish to notion of the bana, suggesting that it finds its way onto the memory of the previous exercises. The client then only opens the eyes when she has responded successfully, so the eyes opening means that the process has successfully happened in this instance)

Client opens eyes:-
So do you remember me using this (hold out pen) so what were we doing earlier, do you remember that thing we were using earlier ? What was it ? Anything in particular you remember about that? Was is fresh looking or old looking? you remember that? You are sure you remember that?

(Asking a lot of quick fire questions that are loaded to enhance the response and convince the client of what she believes and perceives)

Slightly deeper breath, as you exhale just allow your eyes to be comfortably closed and we’ll begin to put some stuff back. Certain things are gone and certain things become to return to their true self, their true place. So even as you were struggling and grasping your mind begins to recall and begins to become comfortable with the pen, the banana begins to become just a figment of your imagination, your amazing, powerful and very capable imagination. I’d just like you to take a moment to thank yourself and I’d like to thank you for being such a wonderful, receptive, open subject and you begin to find that you respond even better to the use of your imagination, your will, you’re developing and becoming even more aware of your own power. Perhaps some of your experiences out there in life begin to develop and you begin to benefit even more at some deeper levels of mind like you’re becoming stronger or influential or sure of who or how you are. Take a moment inside of your mind, thank yourself, I’m just going to count  1 – 5 to bring this session to an end. While I’m counting all sensations are returning to a true sense of perspective, the banana becomes just a figment of your imagination that you remember that you were only imagining it and the pen becomes something that you realise did exist and you know existed and it was just a pen, notice the difference coming up and out now then in 1,2,3,4 and 5 eyes open on 5, just take a nice deep breath give your fingers and toes a little wiggle

And we are done.

This series of clips this week have been about eliciting convincers and giving the client evidence that something is definitely happening hypnotically. It is not for show, street or stage – there are better and more entertaining ways to do these things in those circumstances. This has been some stuff that helps develop the clients belief and therefore advances your own credibility with the client and paves the way for successful therapeutic intervention.

I hoped you enjoyed these clips. Have a wonderful day.

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