This month, it all starts… Yes indeed, you get to enjoy a monthly FREE teleseminar and webcast hosted by myself with lots of special guests. And all you have to do is listen in online! There is not even a phone cost if you don’t want it! Let me tell you all about the exciting stuff that we have coming up…

Recordings will be available in my members area after the live event, if you can’t make it — However, even if you are not a member, come and join the call by phone or simply listen to it online while it happens.

This month- Hypnotic Journaling With Sophie Nicholls

EVENT:  Hypnotic Journaling With Sophie Nicholls

DATE & TIME: Wednesday, July 23rd at 7:00pm UK time.

FORMAT: Simulcast! (Attend via Phone or Webcast — it’s your choice)


This teleseminar Hypnotic Journaling with Sophie Nicholls is going to introduce you to the history of writing for personal development and well-being, the latest research on writing and health and the way that you can use these ideas in your life and work.

It will give you a flavour of some simple writing techniques that will help you to:

– Let go of unhelpful or restrictive self-concepts — all those unhelpful stories you’ve been telling yourself — and make way for new possibilities.
– Reconnect with a more felt, bodily sense of who you might be and a different kind of knowing that is your inner sense of self and voice.
– Let go of any possible blocks and stuckness and rediscover your own innate creativity.

If all that sounds interesting, get the date in our diary and tune in at the time — it is that simple and it is all FREE you lucky things!

About Sophie:

Sophie Nicholls is a hypnotherapist, author and poet based in York, North Yorkshire. She was the first person in the world (to her knowledge) to complete doctoral research in creative writing and personal development and, since that time, she has helped to pioneer work and research in this field, working with people in business, health care and educational settings as well as with her private clients.

Her work using writing with the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture has been featured in the national media. She runs her Word Sauce seminars throughout the UK and is about to launch a new online programme in creative writing and personal development in the autumn.

I can’t wait… See you then!