So it would seem that our TV, newspapers and internet news feeds are all going mad for the situation going on over Iran’s election.

It does look as though the results may possibly have been tampered with, that it was not allegedly a fair election… I think that I would prefer to see Ahmadinejad defeated as the coverage I have been prithee to in the UK has interviewed at length citizens of Iran and highlighted the differences to their lives and rights if he is defeated.

Why am I writing about this today? Let me explain…

You see, I continue to be stunned by the seeming lack of self-awareness much of the Western world has. most of the media I consume in from the UK or the US, so it is mainly those two countries I am referring to here.

This article that I read at the New York Times appears to just encourage citizens of Iran to go ahead and revolt.  Some of the things I have been reading almost appear to have an agenda to goad on angry Iran citizens, instead of actually attempting to understand the issues within the systems employed that resulted in this volatile situation.

This article at Slate website describes the situation by saying: “the possibility of choice did inspire what had seemed to be a passive society to protest.” As far as I can see, the media that I am reading wants Iran citizens to revolt.  They yearn for a revolution over there!

I find this particularly baffling when we ourselves have a Prime Minister who was not voted into office by the public — and if we were to have a general election right now, it is incredibly unlikely that he would get voted in to office.

In the US less than 10 years ago, the results of an election that many thought was unfair were duly accepted.

Are these two situations in the Western world actually all that different from what is happening in Iran today?  So why is it then that our media and much national support is about encouraging the people of Iran to put their system of government, their economic and political stability, and even their lives, on the line and having a full-on revolution?

Are any of us calling for that in the UK? Did anyone call for that in the US? Then why do we expect it elsewhere?

It seems to me that if the popular media just allowed themselves a moment or two of self-reflection, they might think twice about encouraging protests, revolution and upheaval.